Here's what a blonde girl's vagina looks like

The beginning of my adulterous affair was not something I was proud of. In fact, I had been very reluctant to start it in the first place. But, god knows, I was so horny and starved for affection and sex that I allowed myself to be overcome. I enjoyed every moment of it. I had become involved with Jack Johnson soon after he moved next door to our town home. My name is Beth and my husband is Tom. He is almost completely engrossed in his computer activities so I have been having an affair with Jack for months now. The...


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Only in our country do you see such a chicken as a young woman breaks her cock?

This story is somewhat true. It has been embellished to incriminate the guilty. I was just your average horny college junior, struggling to get an education. Well, not very hard, I admit. My main priority was to see if I could get some tail, and it wasn't working out to my satisfaction. I could understand why, I wasn't one the jock stars or even one of the scholastic whizzes, but I'm not exactly an ugly gargoyle either. I'm a little over six feet tall, with a nice build from working out regularly. I've been told I'm moderately good looking with light...


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