Good girl rubs and sucks cock deep but she's a little embarrassed

Good girl rubs and sucks cock deep but she's a little embarrassed

Lisa, Lisa how the fires In my body burn! In the city, after hours, Every time I turn, There I see you, looking sassy In the evening light, Sipping cocktails by the water In your skirt so slight, Black and silky, sequined, shiny, Finer than a dream! Take another sip now baby, Generate some steam! Next I meet you on my corner In the neon glow; Opalesc
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ent, iridescent, Makes my juices flow! Later let me take you down to Make love by the sea, Sweetly-salty, so delicious Are your words to me! Feel your pussy with a vengeance Ravishing my cock Deeper, tighter, wetter, faster; Heat to melt a rock! Lisa, Lisa, hot and smokin’ In the morning light, Knock ‘em dead and leave me baby To my sleepless night.

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