Women Holding Men Upside Down Pornhub Xxx Corpulent Women

Women Holding Men Upside Down Pornhub Xxx Corpulent Women

DULCE DE LECHE (dool-say deh lay-chay) “You paid a lot of money to look homeless. It was the first thing Dalia had ever said to Cody. It was a whisper in his ear, a shared secret, in the noisy, art-viewing crowd. He was confuzzled, sure that he'd misheard her. This was his night, his show, after all. He'd won a spot in the new artist showcase and his artwork was being revealed to a receptive audience. She told him the designer names attached to his ripped jeans and sky blue polo shirt, and gray jacket, and left him wondering who she was and why he did not want to her leave. Maybe he was forgiving because he found her so damn attractive. Her mocha skin was radiant in a simple plum-colored dress that managed to be sexy without being out of control. “Do I know you?” He said. “No. But you want to,” she announced. Her generous lips curved into a smile that held him, and seduced him, even then. Later, his friend Marcus properly introduced them. To call meeting Dalia a surprise would be an understatement. Marcus had never said anything to make Cody realize that his wife was black. Cody felt he was at an disadvantage. She indeed was all the things Marcus had described: pretty, outgoing, and confident. He’d just left out her brown skin, lively, brown eyes, and cute, dimpled smile. With Marcus and his tall, tanned good-looks, they made a striking couple. She gave him a nickname. Shaggy. She liked his slight, trimmed beard and his dirty-blonde hair. When it wasn't controlled by one of those hipster knit-caps (he always wore a hat), it was in a disheveled mess, like he'd just rolled out of bed, after sex. Like his girlfriend Anna had just raked her fingers through it. The real joke was that he reminded her of the iconic (rumored) stoner-character from the Scooby-Doo cartoons. His well-known pot-smoking, made the pet name stick. Marcus and Dalia's condo, only a floor below his own, became a home away for Cody. Meanwhile, Anna had been working hard at her new job and had just now met the couple. “I think you've found a couple I can actually stand,” she said, tucking strands of her black bob behind an ear. It was then that he knew having Anna like them, meant more than he would admit. “That painting above the couch...” “Interesting work. It's got...great energy. The artist is one of Dalia's friends.” It felt odd talking about Dalia to Anna, and sharing her with Anna. The two women meeting must have been the event that he'd truly been nervous about. “You remind me of him,” Dalia had told him about the artist. “He was talented. A little troubled. But he was 'good people', as they say.” He was a bit of a mess, really. He didn't trust people to like him, not really. His family was wealthy and he'd spend his time partying and pissing away money. He'd been on his way to being an alcoholic. Now the old friends were gone and he was now 26 and back in school, studying to be a lawyer, pretending to be an artist. Not sure he was either. He came over the next morning, which was their usual routine after Marcus had left for work. Dalia would have coffee waiting, smiling and cooing at little Tyler in her arms. She worked from home and wore her usual work outfit of a loose-fitting t-shirt, leggings and no makeup. Her curly hair was up in ponytail/bun hybrid thingy on the top of her head. The baby was asleep. She sat on the other end of the red loveseat, her legs curled under, and they talked about the night before. “You know, meeting Anna...” Dalia began, with a sly smile. “ ...Has confirmed something I've suspected about you.” “That I'm lucky she puts up with me?” “Well, that. But also, something else.” she said, laughing a bit. “I hope this is good,” he said and took a sip from his coffee. “You my dear Shaggy, have dick of days, don't you?” “What? Dick for...” “...for days! You know, a big cock, my dear. Plenty to share, to go around. The way Anna was all over you...It's like she's protecting her investment.” Dalia liked to pretend that Cody and Anna were strictly exclusive, ignoring the fact that they had a semi-open relationship. A situation that worked for two commitment-challenged people who genuinely cared for one another. Cody smiled from each to ear, of course. “You want me to whip it out and show you?” She only stared at him. And for a second, he thought he'd just do it, that she wanted him to do it. But then she broke off eye contact. “I just got sex on the brain, I guess. We got into a huge fight last night,” Dalia said. “My advice for you and Anna – don't have kids. They ruin your sex life.” He panicked for a micro-second. He and Anna – having a family? Kids? Marriage? He was in no way ready. “So you guys aren't doing the horizontal mambo?” “Something like that,” she answered. “He wants it more, of course. And I...” She stopped cold. “Should I be discussing this with you? I mean, it's beyond embarrassing. Like, 'does not leave this room' type of embarrassing.” “Who would I tell?” He waited for her to continue, hoping he looked more patient then he actually felt. “We were finally alone and we started kissing and making-out, basically. Is it still making-out when you're married?...Anyway, then IT happened.” Cody had images of what the happy couple were up to in his head. “I began to leak.” He didn't get it at first. He pictured her getting so wet, her panties soaked, her pants dripping with her pungent twat juice. It was a lovely, beautiful image. “Leak?” he said. “My boobs. I started expressing milk. Getting turned-on triggered the milk flow and suddenly I had wet spots on my shirt and then it was dripping down my chest.” He hardly knew what to say. “Is that...normal?” She shrugged. “I'll be damned if I know. We didn't even fuck. It was a disaster.” Later, they were on her laptop. “I can't believe we are doing this?” Dalia said. “Are we doing this? “Yep. We are doing this,” Cody said, as he typed his search into the MILF Sex porn site. Tons of videos came up. How could he have missed them before? The first video they watched showed a pretty, Asian women and her pretty, puffy tits being fondled by some guy off-camera. It bordered on silly, except that when he squeezed her huge tits, squirting the milk out in streams, she squirmed and moaned in what looked like an euphoric orgasm. What seemed previously taboo was highly erotic and seductive. It was so different from his normal porn choices that he felt instant regret watching it with Dalia. Especially, when the guilt gave way to an all too-familiar feeling of utter horniness, and his dick began to expand with her sitting next to him. He was acutely aware of her arm against his, their legs touching, and Dalia's own impressive set of tits, begging for freedom, swelling against her white t-shirt. They moved on to a few more movies. More women and their milk-heavy, boobs being eagerly sucked by men or other women, and sometimes both. Cody cautiously looked over at Dalia, who had been quiet, and saw that the front of her shirt was wet. There were two distinct, and growing moist spots. When she realized it, she quickly excused herself and high-tailed it to the bathroom. “Are you okay in there?” He called out, after she had been in there a while. “Of course not! I can't believe you saw that!” She refused to come out and he threatened to not leave until she did. “I'll see your later tonight. I promise.” She was having him and Anna over for dinner again. Remembering that, he decided to give her some space. He had his apartment to himself and was quick about the business of relieving the tension that had built up in his cock and balls. He liked masturbating in any room but the bedroom when Anna was gone, getting a little thrill that she didn't know. He settled for the couch this time, after popping in a porno. He quickly unzipped his khaki pants and released his wonderfully thick cock, lathered on some of Anna's scented lotion that was on the coffee table, and began to furiously pumping his own prick. Dalia's sexual energy was right there with him, taking off her wet shirt, holding out her milk-full breasts for him, squeezing and squeezing until the cream flowed. He was leaning forward as he opened his mouth to catch it, feeling it slide down his throat, and her nipples rimming his lips, rubbing against his beard. He came quickly, his cum landing on his shirt. He imagined it was Dalia's cream dripping onto him instead. What did her milk taste like, anyway? “We had a good talk while you and Marcus were gone, ” Anna said to Cody with a wink. She and Dalia laughed, in that secret way that girls do. The guys had made a beer run. On their return, Cody presented Dalia, who wasn't a beer drinker, with her favorite wine, a sweet rose brand. It was silly, but he wanted her know he'd remembered. He watched Dalia's every movement during the evening. Everyone seemed normal, oblivious to him, or that anything in him had changed or intensified. She went from curiosity to Goddess that day for him. He had left-over energy from earlier that he wasn't sure how to handle. Mostly, he hoped she wasn't still embarrassed. He finally got a chance to apologize, when they were in the kitchen. Soon they were laughing about the whole thing. “Don't blame me when Anna finds out though.” “She won't.” “She will, when you try to get some 2% from her boobs, ” she said, amused. Cody froze. “I was only joking...” He'd had a quickie with Anna after tackling her when she got home. Dalia's attributes had still been with him, and followed them to their bed. Anna's b-cupped breasts got the bulk of his attention. It could be his hyper-imagination, but he was sure that Dalia had not just been joking, but had testing him, as he sometimes did her. “So, anyway...” She lowered her voice. “I've been dying to tell you the new developments.” She cut slices from a strawberry cheesecake and dished it out to Anna and Marcus in the living room. They were in some deep discussion
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about their mutual careers, oblivious that Cody and Dalia were in the kitchen. “Marcus and Anna have really hit it off, huh?” She asked, when she returned. “I noticed. It's...It's great.” “Like us?” Cody decided not to answer the question. “You had something to share with me?” “We did it! The milk thing,” she said. “Before you guys came over.” “How did that work?” He said, carefully. “It was...strange. And...Pretty amazing. My boobs were so achy and I was just ready for him when he got home.” Cody went quiet, again. “It's definitely getting added to our playbook. Marcus loved it,” she said, proudly. She was a bit giddy. “I came so fast, and so hard. It was a little messy, but...Who knew mother nature had this little orgasmic trick up her sleeve?” “Yeah, who knew?” “Too bad you guys can't try. You should be very jealous.” And he was. That night he had a dream, or a nightmare, from his POV, about pawning his art supplies. The pawn shop wouldn't give him money, but only rings, engagement rings. It was her first visit to his studio and it was like a whole new world for Dalia. Her sister had the baby, giving her a break. But, he sensed a black cloud hanging over her today. Her eyes were red. “It's the anniversary of the day my best friend died.” “I'm sorry. Shouldn't Marcus be here with you?” “I can't tell Marcus. Gerald...was...a lot like you, actually,” her gaze bore into Cody, yet she seemed to be looking past him, through him. “He had an engagement ring on him. He was going to propose to me that night. I can't really tell my husband that.” She walked around viewing his artwork against the white walls of the bright, rectangular space, the heels of her boots echoing on the hardwood floor. She was surprised to find a huge, tranquil fish tank in the middle of the room. Dalia stopped short at one – a painting in progress. She looked at Cody, and back at the painting of a ebony women, looking over her shoulder in classic pin-up style. One breast was in view, a white stream dripped from the tip of the inviting globe to the floor beside her feet. “Is this...?” She began. Cody looked up, his face went red. “I wasn't sure if I would share it. Share you. Share her.” Dalia was uncharacteristically quiet as she continued to stare at the painting, Cody's version of her. Finally, she crossed the space between them and wrapped her arms around him. She didn't seem to mind that he was sweaty, wearing an old pair of frayed jeans, and an old white tee. His clothes and forearms were covered in copious amounts of various paint colors. The held each other, chest to chest. The warmth of her sent a brush-fire through his body, a heat that was small and localized but quickly growing, and persistent. He had nearly kissed her once. They were standing in the kitchen just talking and he'd felt like he'd never wanted anyone as much as he wanted her in that moment. They both just stopped, watched, instincts taking over. He had put a finger to her lips, tracing the perfect luscious, edges of them. She backed away just before Anna had walked into the kitchen. It was that same experience now, that same force field that pulled them together. And he was kissing her now without fear of discovery, her silky moist tongue, alive and eagerly sliding against his, her sultry body completely open and yielding to his, fitting into him. It felt like letting go, surrendering to the inevitable. Relenting to what could no longer be avoided. In compulsive need, they kissed, stroked, licked, and stripped-off clothing, caught up in the taste, feel and fragrance of each other – paint, sweat, perfume, heat, sadness, and yet, joy. He felt high, taking a drag of Dalia, his new drug of choice. His cock was impatiently hard, as he looped his hands around her waist, too her round, welcoming ass, pulled her into him. This had been a long time coming. He lifted her onto his work table, and pulled down her black lace panties, that were already soaked with her juices. Dalia removed her black satin bra, revealing her naked breasts to Cody. Her beautiful “girls” with their wide, dark areolas, like gorgeous halos around the swollen, plump nipples. They were glorious. She was glorious. The first few drops came, as he kissed a moist trail down her neck and collarbone. He felt the sudden wetness against his chest. He stepped-back to see her special leche dripping from her nipples, dripping down her brown skin. His tongue caressed her sensitive, sweet nipples and her saccharine taste took custody of his taste buds. His hand found its way down her body, to her hot core. He affectionately slid his fingers along her slit, and played with her fat clit. She began to milk his rock hard cock as she enjoyed the magic he worked with his fingers and tongue upon her body. Their instinctive response to each other was powerful. The two hands, and the fingers that had been adequate his whole life, suddenly weren't enough anymore. He couldn't keep them off of her soft, supple skin. Cody slid himself inside of the swollen lips of Dalia's pussy, his cock monopolizing her succulent passage. Bottles and containers fell, and paint spilled onto the table, as he drove his thick cock inside of her over and over. She came first, an intense, soprano-ed sound of delight escaping her lips. They looked at each other in wonder at what had just happened, what they had just done. Dalia was shaking, while a steady calmness came over Cody. They moved to the cream-colored couch at the far end of the room and continued their acts of mutual appreciation. Straddling Cody, she pressed her nipples and the streams of her sweet cream dripped down her fingers, down her stomach and onto Cody. He swallowed from her breasts, the taste reminded him of Carnation Instant Breakfast mix, though richer and silkier. She filled the achy hollow inside, with Cody again, swallowing every inch of his cock with her pussy. The milk and honey flowed as he held her closely. He worshipfully sucked first one breast, than the other. His strong hands moved along the contours of her back, as he latched-on, sucking and squeezing another intense orgasm inside of her foundation until she was returned the favor. He brought Dalia carnations. She instantly laughed, but stifled herself. They tried ignore the thoughts that bounced between them. The ghosts of “What If?” - What if he lost Anna? What if he lost Dalia, also? What if he lost every goddamn friend he had – all 3 of them? What if he never kissed her, or felt her body against his, or tasted her again? Play me, the note said. The DVD was obviously homemade and had a simple one-word title. MILK. A chill of slight fear went through Cody. He stared at the DVD cover and the note – but they weren't giving up any clues about the contents. He pressed play, apprehensively. First he saw a shaky-camera view of Anna. “Hi, Cody,” she said, smiling, her cheeks flushed. “First, I want to introduce you to my special guest and co-star.” The camera was focused on the couch that he was now sitting on. “For the record, this was NOT my idea, Cody. But I hope you enjoy it nonetheless,” The guest said to him through the flat-screen TV. “No worries, he'll be fine,” he heard Anna say off-camera. She sat the camera down. “SURPRISE. I know your little secret,” Anna continued, in a sing-song fashion. A dull, sick, rocky weight seized Cody's stomach. What was happening? How did these two get together? Anna sat next the guest, Dalia. Both ladies were clad in white lingerie and smiling at him. He couldn't quite believe it, but there were two of the most important people in his life. The contrast of differences was delicious eye candy: The pale, creamy tones of Anna, against the warm, richer tones of Dalia. Different, yet both were insanely sexy. “Ready?” Anna asked Dalia. They shared a bit of nervous laughter and as they hugged and shared a soft kiss. “Wait!” Dalia said to Cody. “We had some special instructions for you.” Anna joined in. “Cody – you better have your dick in your hands. Because I'm going to drain the tits of this lovely lady,” she said, giving Dalia's tits a healthy squeeze. “Too bad you can't join.” Cody did not need further prompting. He removed his pants and underwear, and was ready to go, cock in hand, by the time the ladies began to kiss again. He nearly jumped far enough to hit the ceiling when he suddenly heard a voice in the apartment. “Enjoying yourself?” It was Anna, naked except for a wicked smile and she held two individual-sized milk jugs against her tits. “We will talk later...much later,” she said, before she had her head in his lap, and began the feat of swallowing his cock. He sat back and enjoyed heat of her mouth on the length of his dick, while he watched the two women on screen. They sat with their legs wide apart, so he had a good view of their twats. Dalia had a leg crossed over Anna's leg, and they were kissing, slowly, deliberately, sweetly. Anna's hands went down Dalia's body and dipped below her panties, and rubbed her ebony pussy. Offscreen, Cody pulled Anna's hair back so he could see his cock dip in and out of her sultry mouth. The women were removing their lingerie. Their lovemaking was tender. They explored, their hands, tongues, and lips over-taking and savoring their feminine bodies. Soon they were naked and entangled in each other, brown skin and honey-colored hair, against pale-pink skin and raven hair, dark nipples touching, puffy pink tips. Dalia whimpered softly as Anna gathered her breasts in her hands, and began to lick the moist nipples. She brought the nipples together and worked her huge pink tongue over the peaks and curves. Anna sucked Cody's cock live in their living room, while on screen she sucked the milk from Dalia's massive tits, both ladies loudly enjoying themselves. Dulce de leche. the black and white artpiece featuring a naked, ebony beauty was a hit in Cody's next showcase. Marcus has not seen it yet. Therefore, they remain friends.

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