Only in our country do you see such a chicken as a young woman breaks her cock?

Only in our country do you see such a chicken as a young woman breaks her cock?

This story is somewhat true. It has been embellished to incriminate the guilty. I was just your average horny college junior, struggling to get an education. Well, not very hard, I admit. My main priority was to see if I could get some tail, and it wasn't working out to my satisfaction. I could understand why, I wasn't one the jock stars or even one of the scholastic whizzes, but I'm not exactly an ugly gargoyle either. I'm a little over six feet tall, with a nice build from working out regularly. I've been told I'm moderately good looking with light brown hair, that bleaches to blond in the summer, and green eyes. My name is Mark. So far, all of my schemes to attract the ladies hadn't worked out too well, although I had enough successes to keep my hopes up of accomplishing my fantasy of a willing harem. In other words, I was a typical young man that did most of his thinking with the organs below his belt line. I was standing across the street from the campus one afternoon, having one of the smokes I allow myself to have in a day. It sure caught my attention when this luxury convertible full of some very hot girls cruised past. I could only see the driver from the neck up, she must have been tiny, but she sure had a beautiful face. The rest of them were sitting up on the downed top and seat backs, yelling and waving at everyone in sight. That car full of pulchritudinous female flesh alerted the thinking organs I mentioned before, but they didn't have any ideas about what I could do about it either as I slunk away in my despondency. Over the next few days I saw some of the girls I'd seen in that expensive car, but they were always accompanied by one of the sport teams stars. I didn't think I'd have a chance there. On the third day I ran into the driver, literally. I was hurrying to get to class before the bell and as I turned a corner I knocked this little beauteous babe flat on her shapely butt. Her books and papers flew in a cloud and her skirt flew up exposing a cute little thong. I guess I blushed in embarrassment for my clumsiness and she blushed too as she pulled her skirt down. As I helped her up and picked up her papers and books she just stood there, obviously perturbed by the situation. I apologized, but all she said was a short thanks as I handed her her things, but she gave me a searching look as we parted. I figured I'd screwed the pooch there too. She wouldn't want anything to do with me after that and really made me disappointed as she was just as tiny and cute as I thought she was. But she could have been seven feet tall and couldn't have tucked any more sex appeal in her. I can't think any other word to describe her better than voluptuous. That doesn't describe the sexual aura that emanated from her though. I could give you blazing, incandescent, scorching, and plenty more and still not have accomplished it. Over the next week or so we did see each other in the halls and I always tried to give her an apologetic smile which she mostly just acknowledged by nodding in return. Just before the weekend I did get a small smile which left me elated until Monday. During this time I had found out her name was Marilyn and she'd transferred here when her mother had remarried and moved here. The only other time I saw her was once when I was showing a buddy of mine that I could touch my chin and the tip of my nose with my tongue. I turned and she was standing there with an astonished look on her face. I blushed but she only gave me a little grin and walked away. Monday I entered one of my classes and was surprised to see her sitting there. I asked the girl sitting next to her if she would mind if I sat there. She glanced at my target for a second, then gave me a grin and relinquished her seat. As I sat she looked at me and didn't seem to be annoyed and did give me a small smile. When I had settled she turned to me and asked, “Why have you been asking my friends about me, are you planning on stalking me?” Taken aback for a moment by her directness I finally stammered, “Uh, no, I wasn't, but it's not a bad idea if I thought it would do me any good with you. I've been asking your friends because I'm obviously interested in you.” She sat back a little and again asked, “Really, why is that? We've never formally met, although we certainly have met, if a little too forcefully. Why would you be interested in me?” I thought I would meet her frankness with some of my own, “Marilyn, if you can't figure out why, you must not have any mirrors at your house. I'm male and you're female. Wow, are you female! Is that honest enough for you?” She chuckled an answer, “Yes, that will do. But what are you going to do about it? This is the first time you've approached me or shown any interest except leering at me in the halls.” “Me? Leer? I didn't think I was leering, I thought I was just smiling. I thought I was leering only in my mind. You have to admit it's justified in any case.” That earned a full throated laugh from her and some delightful jiggles as she moved in her chair. Then she really surprised me by stating, “Well, as you're too shy to ask me, Ill ask you, why don't we go out together some night.” That floored me. I'd never had a girl come on to me so plainly before, but I managed to mutter, “Uh, um, that's a good idea. When and where?” “I'm free tomorrow night, can you pick me up around 7:30? Dress nice, you'll have to meet my mom and stepdad. Is that alright with you?” I just had time to assure her that I'd be there before the professor called the class to order. After class she gave me her address. I wasn't surprised to see that it was in a very swanky part of town after seeing the car she drove. On date night I took care to shave very close and dress in some pressed slacks and a dress shirt. I was a little nervous about meeting her folks. I was glad that my car, although fairly old, looked very nice as I took real good care of it, washing and waxing it regularly. I pulled up the long driveway to this stone mansion set on a large lush green lawn, got out and walked to the double doors and rang the bell. Marilyn opened the door, smiled at me and asked me in. She led me into the living room where her folks were sitting. As we entered Marilyn's mother rose and came forward, smiling. I stood there, hoping I didn't look as stunned as I felt. Mom was gorgeous, it wasn't hard to see where Marilyn had acquired her looks. Although a little taller than her daughter she had the same seductive build and sexual emanation. I estimated she must be somewhere around forty but looked more like Marilyn's older sister. Marilyn introduced me to her parents, but her stepfather just grunted and gave a small wave from his chair, while her mother shook hands with me. Her mother then asked, “What are you planning on doing tonight?” but before I could answer Marilyn spoke up. “We thought we'd take in a movie and then get something to eat, we shouldn't be late, “Then turning to me said, “That's right, isn't it?” What else could I say, “Uh, yeah, there's a couple good movies now, we'll pick one when we get there.” As we left the room her stepfather shouted, “You bring her home at a decent hour, you hear?” I assured him I would and was very relieved when we left. In the car as we drove away I said to Marilyn, “ That was a little uncomfortable, why is your stepdad so concerned about you?” “I think he wants to jump my bones, you'd think mom would be enough for the old fart, but I've seen him look at me.” I was startled again at her candor and changed the subject, “Do you know what's at the theater or will we just pick one?” “Do you really want to see a movie, Mark?” “If you want to do something else, Marilyn, we can do it. What did you have in mind?” “Well, do you know a nice quiet place we can go and fuck? That's what I'd like to do.” I jerked the wheel in my astonishment. I was able to straighten the car out just soon enough to miss the old lady who was standing just off the curb, but I could see her one finger salute in the rear view mirror. I was speechless for a while, but then said, “If that's what you want, I guess I can go along with it.” I know it was a stupid reply, but I had a brain freeze. What would you have said? Fortunately, I had a room just off campus that I rented. It wasn't much more than a hole in the wall but had a private entrance. And a double bed. We quietly entered and as soon as we were in the room Marilyn started disrobing as the vision of jail bars floated before me, “Uh, Marilyn, how old are you?” “I'm nineteen, Why are you asking me that now?” I replied, “Oh, no reason.” as the bars evaporated. She looked at me sort of pouty and said, “Are you going to stay dressed? Are you some kind of kinky type?” “No siree, I'm right behind you.” and started peeling clothes. It was a little more difficult for me as I couldn't look to see what I was doing, I was just staring at the exposition being revealed in front of me. This girl had all the right assets in exactly the right places. Her breasts were amazingly large for such a small body. Her waist was petite but quickly flared to a delightful span of hips. As she turned I could see the cutest, spankable, cheeks I had ever dreamed of. She turned back to expose a charming shaved pussy. It was right about then that my pants caught on my shoes, that I had forgotten to take off first in my dazed condition, and I fell over. I hit my head on the bed post and laid there, stunned. Marilyn knelt aside of me, taking my head in her hands and asked, “Are you alright? You took a bad bump there.” As she examined my head for damage her breasts hung enticingly in front of my face. Not being completely stupid I pulled her closer and nuzzled first one, then the other, licking her nipples and pulling on them with my lips as they lengthened and hardened. This lit a fire in Marilyn as she attacked my mouth with her open one and pushed her tongue between my lips while I continued my gentle rolling and tweaking of her nipples with both hands. She didn't moan and gasp as other girls I had relations with but started humming and even softly singing and chuckling as she seemed to be enjoying herself immensely. I was feeling pretty happy myself right about then. She must have liked what I did to her 'cause she slid down and started sucking and licking my nipples. I'd never had that done to me before, but I highly recommend it, it's a different sensation. When she slid down to work on my nipples she went sorta sideways so she was lying across me. From there she could reach my dick with one hand. What she could do with one hand would make a dead man squirm. It also gave me access to those plump, spankable ass cheeks of hers. In my exuberance I did land a pretty good slap on one cheek, which only brought her soft humming, happy melody another octave higher and louder. When I gave the other cheek another slap, I gained another octave and even more volume. I was scared that if I kept that up she'd start breaking wine glasses or even the windows so I quit that. But I still had access to the wonders between those cheeks. I slid my hand between them and explored. Wow, I hit a gusher! This girl was soaking wet already. She spread her legs to give me easier access. As I ran a finger up and down her slit of delight her music picked up again, in tempo and volume. No wonder she'd asked for a quiet place. I figured the hell with it and inserted a finger in her pussy. Aha! Noise problem solved, the moment I started to apply my
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finger exercises she effectively gagged herself with my dick, plunging her lips furiously up and down its length. She didn't stop the humming though, which added considerably to my enjoyment. If I had thought she was talented with her hand I adjusted my perception of what could be accomplished with a mouth. While she was giving me the blowjob of the year, maybe the century, she was angling her legs closer and closer to my head. Finally, she threw one leg over me and I was staring at a delectable moist pussy. My previous familiarity with pussy licking had, shall we say, failed to meet my expectations because of an odor problem. Not so in this case, as I detected an aroma of raspberries, and as I took a tentative lick, and had a gratifying taste of savory girl juice. This was followed by an exuberant display of my multi-talented tongue as I used it to plumb the depths of her sweet cleft and nuzzle her clitoris. Her masterful use of her oral talents soon had me humping my ass off the floor, trying to get more of my manhood in her oral orifice to no result as she already had her nose embedded in my belly, while her tongue was caressing my balls. She must have had some sort of snorkel to breathe with because as I shot my load directly down her throat she didn't move her head off my dick a bit. As I lay there, gasping, I was deluged with a fountain of girl cum. I wasn't complaining, just describing. She rolled off me and we just laid there awhile. I was panting while she was softly singing her little melody of joy, with a big smile on her face. She spun around, gave me a wet, sloppy kiss, and said, “Let's use the bed for the next round, shall we? This floor is a little hard.” I croaked, “Uh, next round? I'm not too sure I'm going to live through the last one.” as she pulled me to my feet. “Don't you worry about that, Mark. I'll be happy to help you to give me four or five more orgasms, I'm pretty good at that.” Wow! Was that ever an understatement. With her fondling, kissing, sucking, and provocative movements she had me performing like a whole stable of studs. I didn't get five myself, and even the fourth was a bit of a fizzle, but she certainly got more than what she asked for, even while giving musical accompaniment. I think she'd realized I was done for so she started getting dressed. I attempted to follow her but it took me a few attempts to go from a sitting position to standing. I did have to sit on the side of the bed to get my legs in my pants, I didn't want to take another topple. When I took her home her stepdad opened the door and glared at me, “You're almost late, watch the time from now on.” He leered at Marilyn's back as she entered and slammed the door in my face. We went out again, every chance I could talk her into. Not as much as I wanted, but probably as much as I could handle. We didn't go to movies, or dinner, or the theater. Marilyn loved sex, all flavors and varieties. She hinted at finding another stud and have a threesome, but saw I wasn't thrilled with the idea, and gave up on it. I hinted at maybe another girl but was told I couldn't hardly handle the one I had. As if I didn't realize that already. Then came the night we got a little carried away and I got her home late. Okay, three hours late. And a little drunk. And her clothes a little mussed. Her mother met us at the door and informed me that her husband was at the police station trying to get me arrested, and she thought I should go there and straighten it out. I arrived at the police station about 3:30 in the morning to find Marilyn's stepdad ranting and raving at a bored looking officer seated at a desk. He was almost foaming at the mouth. He didn't look very impressive even though he had on very expensive looking clothing as he was a pudgy little balding lunatic. As I entered he went ballistic and did foam, incomprehensible in his rage. The police officer stood, put his hand on the stepdad's shoulder and ushered him to the chair, almost pushing him into it. He then came to me asked, “What's your story, I've heard his?” “Look officer, we were out on a date, just having fun, and didn't notice the time. The girl is nineteen years old, not a minor, and he's not even her dad.” At that, dear old dad jumped up, reached into his coat, and pulled out one of those little automatic pistols, and started waving it around. He was raving all the while about horny kids, whore daughters, and cheating wives. The officer grabbed him, took the gun from him, and cuffed him amazingly fast. Motioning to me to stay, he took him out another door. He returned a few minutes later, warned me not to go to their house anymore, assured me that I was in no trouble and told me to go home. I tried to call Marilyn on her cell phone the next day but there was no answer, nor was there for three more days Then I read in the paper that he was in jail and both mother and daughter had been in the hospital. By reading between the lines I gathered that they had released him that night and he had gone home. He had then tried to rape Marilyn and when her mother intervened, had beaten them both until one of them got to the phone and called 911. Knowing that he wasn't at the house I called that number. A voice I didn't recognize answered and asked me my business. I introduced myself and was asked to wait. In a few minutes Marilyn's mother came on and told me it would be alright to come over. When I arrived I was allowed entrance by a much older woman dressed as a maid or housekeeper. The mother approached and said, “Come in, Mark,” and to the other woman, “Could we have some tea in the living room, please?” She then led me into the living room and motioned for me to sit. She had a light bruise on her cheek but no other damage I could see. She was just as gorgeous and sexy as she ever was We chatted for a few minutes until the tea came, when the older woman said that she was going to do the shopping, and left. She was sitting on the couch with the tea on the table in front of her. She looked at me, searchingly, then said with a smile, “You must call me Elena if we are to be friends. Come sit by me so we can have our tea, I want to talk to you. Marilyn isn't not home right now so we can have a private discussion, is that all right with you?” A little puzzled about why she wanted to have a discussion with me I answered, “I don't see why it wouldn't be. What did you want to talk about?” “Why, Marilyn, of course. I'll be frank, Mark. I know you haven't been going to the movies or whatever else you've been saying, you've been screwing her, haven't you.” I was stunned, I thought Marilyn was outspoken, but this was a new high. She continued, “Don't look so surprised, I've known for years that she's a sex maniac, so am I. That's why I put her on birth control when she was thirteen and didn't try to control it. I know what it's like to crave sex all the time.” “Uh, ma'am, uh, Elena, I don't know what to say. What do you want to know?” She put one hand on my thigh and her other on the back of my neck and purred, “I want to know if you'd like to fuck an old lady like me,” while sliding her hand up and rubbing my half erection threw my pants. That quickly turned into a fully rigid dick as she pulled my head down and damn near choked me with her tongue down my throat. Not that I was resisting this invasion, you understand, I was quickly surrendering all my troops, all my clothing, and any morals I had left. I hadn't seen Marilyn in some days and I was back to being a horny young stud and would have screwed a knot hole if it wasn't too splintery. And this mature woman wasn't made of wood, but was a beautiful voluptuous vision of femininity. As I had the pleasure of unclothing her she showed no signs of aging, but had the youthful smooth glowing aspect of prime pussy. Her breasts sagged just a little but were even larger than Marilyn's. As I laid her back on the couch and licked and nibbled her breasts damned if she didn't start humming, singing and chuckling. This lady, like her daughter, took enormous delight in fucking, and let you know it. I was plunging my dick in her as fast and as hard as I could, going for the second time when we heard a loud voice exclaim, “Mom, Mark, what do you think you're doing!” Elena, not missing a beat, responded, “We're fucking dear, what does it look like?” She grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me into her when I hesitated and humped up against me to get me going again. I didn't need any more encouragement and resumed. As Marilyn walked across the room she sulked, “I thought we agreed you'd stay away from Mark, he was mine.” Elena responded, “I know dear, I did, but he was here and available and I needed a prick or a tongue in the worst way. Ever since pencil dick went to jail I haven't had anyone and you've had all those other young men. Doesn't you mother deserve some cock too?” Marilyn was still pouting as she leaned over to examine how I was doing, “Yea, mom, but you had the creep licking your pussy three or four times a day and I was only able to go out at night, was that fair?” “Honey, no, it wasn't fair, but he couldn't screw worth a damn. The only reason I married him is that he ate my pussy better than anyone else until you told me about Mark and his long tongue. I just had to see for myself. He's lived up to everything you said. Don't be mad.” Marilyn stood there rubbing her pussy through her jeans and said, “I'm not mad, mom, I'm horny. Can I have a taste?” and started stripping. “Sure honey. Mark, pull out and let my daughter have a little suck.” I had lost all sense of what was going on and all my decision making and just did what I was told. I pulled my cock out of Elena to have it immediately devoured by Marilyn's hungry mouth. She started her humming and chirruping as she deep throated me. Elena switched around and sucked on my balls, one after another. Marilyn took a break to say,”Oh mom, you taste so good on Mark's cock.” And went back to slurping and sucking on my dick. It didn't take long for me to spurt four long ropes and a dribble of cum into her mouth. She didn't swallow, but like a good child, grasped her mother's head and shared it with her in a long sloppy kiss. I was too beat to do anything for a while and settled back in the couch corner, watching these two elegant women pleasing one another. It wasn't long before they were in a sixty nine position, both of them humming some tune in synchrony while happily lapping away. I think I either passed out or fell asleep cause I gave a start when Elena gave me a warm damp towel to wipe the accumulated cum from me. They both stood over me as I cleaned up, then gave me their hands and pulled me to my feet. I looked around for my clothes but Elena said, “Oh no Mark, we're not done yet,” as they pulled me down the hall to the bedroom. I honestly don't remember much of what transpired after that. Just a memory of assorted arms, legs, boobs, red lips, and pussies in a kind of whirlwind of images. And singing, I remember singing. When I woke in a bed that was thoroughly messed I looked at my watch to see it was early afternoon. I could hear Elena and Marilyn in the kitchen, having lunch I think. Do you know what I did? I quietly dressed and slipped out the front door. I think I feared for my sanity more than my health. I did have a couple more encounters with them, one at a time and together, but the telling of that will have to wait until I can face it fully in my own mind. Then maybe I'll be able to relate it.

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