Sex With A Country Girl Sits Goat And Her Big Daddy Jumps Up

Sex With A Country Girl Sits Goat And Her Big Daddy Jumps Up

Derek and I had now been dating for nearly two months.  The second date was a disaster of my doing as I got hammered at a baseball game and Derek drove me home before the game had even ended.  The third date was dinner downtown.  That date had gone well until the end when, once again, he gave me a goodnight kiss and went home.  I left that date frustrated and pent up so I made a pit stop at Jimmy’s before heading home.  It wasn’t logical but it was needed, I convinced myself.  Finally, on the fourth date, he invited me to his house to watch a movie.  I wasted no time initiating the action.  He received a blow job before the movie even started.  He came very quickly, which was ideal.  It built my confidence and I was somewhat unnerved by his dogs, who seemingly stared at me the whole time in judgment as I serviced him.The sex occurred after the movie and it was slow-moving, just like Derek.  I was used to fucking.  Fun, playful sex. Derek’s style would be better described as lovemaking.  It was all missionary with slow, passionate strokes.  He likes to kiss while making love, something I had rarely, if ever, done before.  The sex was gentle...and average.  Everything about him seemed average.  His body wasn’t fit or fat - just average.  His dick wasn’t big or small - just average.  He had a steady job, a nice house outside the city, and two dogs.  Average.Courtney liked Derek because he was nice, but not in a sexual way.  She remarked how it was sad that men with kindness and passion were the outliers down here.  She admitted there was no sexual attraction, though.  The words of Courtney’s mom kept creeping into my head.  “You need some excitement attached to you and that boy does NOT have it.”June was talking about Shawn but the same could be said for Derek.  Still, I kinda liked him.  Maybe I needed less excitement in my life.  He treated me nice and we did things I imagined normal couples do like take walks and go on dates and have quiet movie nights.  It was boring, but after my first year here I needed some boring.  “But does he make you cum?” Courtney blurted out with the bluntness which seemed to run in her family.We were sitting together on the couch, under a large blanket, drinking wine.  “No,” I admitted.  “Does Mark make you?”“With that dick?  Absolutely!”Courtney had been fucking Mark, or Marcus as she affectionately called him, for a few weeks and I couldn’t blame her.  He was a sexy black man with a short stocky build and a nine-inch dick.  For a size queen like Courtney, he was perfect.  He was also a cop. Mark and Derek knew each other in passing but weren’t friends.  Derek revealed to me that rumor had it Mark was closer to the tenth cop Courtney had fucked as opposed to the four Emily had told me about.  She had built up quite the reputation down at the local precinct.“So how do you release all that pent-up sexual energy?” Courtney asked.“I usually don’t, but sometimes I’ll use my fingers or a toy after he leaves.”“I would never have guessed.  With how thin the walls in this place are, I could probably hear the vibrator humming,” she joked.She was right.  The walls were paper thin.  It made me wonder if she had heard any of my previous transgressions.  From my room, I often heard Courtney having sex.  The majority of the time I would put in ear plugs and fall back to sleep but occasionally I would touch myself.  I’d picture her beautiful body getting ravaged, wondering who was doing what to her to elicit those moans.  Most times I would use my fingers but I had started using my black dildo more since Mark came around.  It added a more realistic aspect, like I was playing along with them.“I haven’t used the vibrator yet.”“What?!!!”“I don’t really know how.  I mean, I know how but I’ve just never use
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d one before.”With that, Courtney grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet.“Let’s go to your room.  I’ll show you how to use it.”I was shocked and nervous, but also slightly excited.  I was also obedient and walked up to my room with her.  “So where are they?” she asked, referencing the toys.I pointed under the bed where they sat in the same bag I had received when I bought them.  Courtney grabbed the bag and began to remove the contents.  She took out the black dildo first and placed it on the nightstand next to my bed.  Next, she pulled out the jackrabbit vibrator.“Kel!  This hasn’t even been opened yet!  What a waste.”She was right. I just hadn’t brought myself to use it yet.  The vibrator wasn’t huge but it looked intense and intimidating.“Get naked and lay on your back,” Court said nonchalantly.  I hesitated, not sure if she was serious.“Now!!”Her tone let me know she was indeed serious.  I lifted my tank top off over my head and my tits dropped out of it with a bounce. I slid off my shorts and hopped on the bed.  I had shaved my pussy for Derek three days ago but he didn’t notice - or if he did notice, he didn’t say anything.  Courtney came over to the bed and sat down by my feet.  I could see her bra-less tits through her white tank top and some of her left boob hanging out of the side.“Mmm, a fresh shave for Derek, eh? She noticed.  She always noticed.The vibrator was pink.  Not overly big.  Not overly thick.  It had a shaft and what looked like the arm of a cactus curving up from the middle of it.  Courtney turned it on and it gave off a low, steady hum.  She leaned over and brought her hand to my vagina.“Kelly!”My pussy was already soaked with nervousness and excitement.  She smiled at me while her fingers wiped my juices across my stomach.  She brought the vibrator to my vagina and rubbed it up and down along my pussy lips.  The vibration felt good against them.  “Your lips are so big and beautiful,” she complimented.It was something I was self-conscious about, but her compliment put me at ease.  She slid a little bit of the vibrator inside me.  I couldn’t believe I was letting her do this to me.  Her face was serious and focused as she slid more and more inside.  I closed my eyes and let out a moan.  Then a shock went through my body.  The arm of the vibrator had made contact with my clitoris, and my whole body jumped.  It was intense and the vibrating nub found my sensitive clit with each entry before pulling back and leaving me wanting more.  Courtney slid the vibrator in and out of me slowly at first but had quickened the pace to stay in tune with my moans and the movements of my body.  She was now using the dildo at a furious pace and my body was overloaded with sensitivity and stimulation.  My moans were more frequent now, involuntarily rising from me without my consent.  Courtney sensed I was close and she was right.  She held the vibrator inside me, the nub humming aggressively and constantly against my clitoris.  I couldn’t take any more.  I reached down to pull it out of me but my hands never made it there.  An orgasm struck and rendered me paralyzed.  My legs spasmed and then locked together.  My stomach and chest convulsed, bringing the rest of my body with it.  It was the most intense orgasm I had experienced.  As I lay on my side recovering, she crawled up behind me and spooned me.  It felt warm and nice and comforting.  It almost made me forget I was uncomfortably lying in a puddle of my own wetness.  She reached her hand around and cupped my breast.  I felt her kiss my ear before whispering to it.“Don’t use this all the time.  It’s addicting.  It’s like cocaine.  The more you use it, the more you’ll want.  But it’s only meant to be used sporadically.”It was a harbinger of things to come. 

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