The Kid Who Picked Her Pussy In Her Pussy

The Kid Who Picked Her Pussy In Her Pussy

I don't know if wewere ready for this, our threads are tangledenough already as it is.I'll say it's a story and nothing more, leave some mystery at the end that only we possess the clues to,intimate prose like a folded note I keep wherever I go.But I could never bring myself to hand it over to you.Keep me there fiercely protected,coveted and engraved in shadowas undulant skin ripples beneaththese hands once seized.I've been able to measure timeby the sway of your body,the loving warm intervals,the soothing meter plucked from the darkest hollows that make me.And it only makes sense nowto arrive at such a precise standstill, to note the hush yet feel where needclasped around me like burning ring,laced the tapering sweep of th
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is essentia,a lamp I kept dimmed for all others.I don't know where the mysterycan begin to peel away, either,where one relents like the breaththat snuffs out a candle's glowand the other possesses the final memory of this tangled radiance.I'll say it's a story and nothing more,leave some mystery at the endfor others to etch a legacy upon,mine their own clues and formulas,it was something more intimate to me,rooted to my core in waysthat you could never know.Folded and kept like a handwrittennote that I never handed to you.Keep me engraved there,in shadow and sweet mist,measured by the ripples your soothing hands stilled.And in such a precise hush,I never stop sensing where need seized around me,the wick helpless when ablaze.

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