Pregnant In The Last Stage She Fucks, Sucks Her Cock Liquid From Her Pussy

Pregnant In The Last Stage She Fucks, Sucks Her Cock Liquid From Her Pussy

I was the afternoon and Alisa, Brittany and I had not bothered to get dressed, instead, we spent the afternoon naked, relaxing. It was only a couple of hours earlier that I had watched Alisa and Brittany have an orgasm filled sex session. It was hot and still replaying in my mind, giving me a constant hard on. We sat on the couch watching TV, the girls sitting on either side of me. We were all relaxed Brittany, resting her head on my shoulder and Alisa resting her hand on my thigh. What really blew my mind was that Alisa, a lesbian, kept veering her hand next my penis. Alisa leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek, I turned my face to kiss her on the lips, for a second I thought she would turn away, but she didn’t. It was the first time I kissed Alisa, and it seemed soft and sensual, different to when I kiss straight girls. I felt Alisa’s hand rest on the base of my cock, her hand gently caressing me. we kissed slowly, her hand gliding slowly up and down my hard cock. Brittany seemed a bit jealous leaning over and kissing Alisa. Alias seemed fine and turned to Brittany, kissing her passionately. Her hand left my cock and started to grope at Brittany’s small soft breasts. Alisa stood up and walked over to Brittany kissing her once more. Alisa picked Brittany up and led her by the hand towards her bedroom. At the door, she turned to me, “you coming then?” I stood up and followed them to Alisa’s bedroom. Alisa smiled at me as she walked over to her cupboard and pulled out a bag and then what looked like a tripod. She turned to face me and gave me a peck on the lips. “Go sit next to Brittany, we are going to start our porno movie.” I sat next to Brittany and lay back on the soft bed. I pulled Brittany’s small frame close and she climbed up on top of me. We kissed slowly and I could feel myself getting very hard underneath her. “Brittany start by introducing yourself.” We looked up to see Alisa naked holding a big camera, she had the digital viewer open and was looking at it while filming up. At first, Brittany seemed shy them smiled boldly at the camera. “Hi there I am Brittany and I am nineteen years old. I am from Cincinnati, Ohio and I love to fuck.” I smiled, Alisa seemed to like it too. “And Brittany, what are you doing here today?” “I am here to get fucked hard in every hole by Sean.” She leant forward and kissed me. I held her close, kissing and licking her, feeling the warmth of her mouth and breath on me. “Brittany, start by sucking Sean’s cock” Brittany seemed annoyed that Alisa had disturbed our make out session, but stopped kissing me anyway. I watched as my cute teen American friend licked her way down my chest, over my belly, to my crotch. I had known Brittany for nearly just two weeks and had fucked her a few times, but this time, she seemed different, she seemed dirtier, naughtier. She licked the tip of my cock, keeping her eyes fixed on mine. She had a look of pure lust like she was going to devour my cock whole. She did. Brittany moved her head forward, her mouth, taking my cock deep down her throat. I groaned, closing my eyes, feeling her lips slowly slide up and down my throbbing rod. I could feel Alisa’ breath on my shoulder as she leant forward with her camera, capturing Brittany’s every suck and slurp. Brittany’s pace on my cock quickened, her mouth starting to make louder slurping noises. I looked down at her, she was still staring up at me with those cute, sexy eyes. I put my hand on either side of her head, controlling her rhythm, making her slow down. I pushed her head down to the base of my cock, holding her head in place. I could feel her mouth and throat sucking and pulling at my cock before I pulled my cock from her mouth, a huge string of saliva escaping her mouth. I watched in amazement as Alisa grabbed a handful of Brittany’s saliva and rubbed it over her own pussy. I looked and her, she looked back with what I could only say was a “what” look on her face. I pulled Brittany up and kissed her passionately. I flipped her onto her back and spread her legs. Her pussy already looked puffed up from the attention she got earlier, it would only get better. I buried my head between those amazing legs, kissing and licking her thigh and inner legs. Brittany was getting agitated, her pussy already oozing her cream. “Fuck Sean, just fucking eat me.” She grabbed my head, pushing it into her wet cunt. I was surprised at how much she changed, she was an almost shy little sweet thing, now she was “forcing me” to do things. I heard Alisa gasp too, as I ate the meal on my lips. I slid my tongue deep into Brittany’s tight hole, taking her lips into my mouth and sucking them. Alisa had come close to my head, capturing my tongue sliding in and out of my young friend’s tight pussy. She got in close so I moved my head at an angle so she could video me sucking on Brittany’s clit. Brittany didn’t take long to start shaking. “Yes Sean, fuck, lick me like that. I’m going to cum, eat me out.” I smiled, she had become more vocal, maybe it was because of Alisa, or maybe she was just playing it because of the camera. Either way, I was enjoying it. I spread her pussy lips as wide as I could, pushing my tongue inside her as deep as I could. I could feel her back arch and her thighs begin to shake on my face. She groaned and whimpered louder and her thighs seemed to trap my head between her legs. Her legs trapped my ears, muffling the noise she was making. Her body shook as her legs seemed to grip my head tighter by the second. Her body shook violently, as her pussy gushed onto my trapped face. I sucked hard, flicking my tongue over her clit. This seemed to do the trick as I could clearly hear her groan this time. Brittany pushed my head away, slamming her hand between her legs and curling into a ball. She shook for a full minute, lying prone on the bed. Alisa got beside me, videoing the action. “Wow Sean you really ate her out, I think I’d like you to eat me if you do such a good job.” I slipped my arm around Alisa’s waist and kissed her bare shoulder. She turned her head and we gave each other a slow peck on the lips. I dropped my hand to her butt and gave it a soft squeeze, pushing my hand right into her crack. She smiled at me and whispered, “go fuck Brittany, I think I may join you. I’ll let you be the only guy to fuck me.” she gave me another peck on the lips and a pat on the butt. I crawled over to Brittany who had recovered from her orgasm and climbed on top of her. I slipped my cock into her pussy as Alisa took a vantage point between our legs. I slammed my cock forward, feeling the walls of Brittany’s pussy gripping my cock. Brittany scream and groaned, swearing as I fucked her. I couldn’t believe the foul language coming from this sweet innocent girl. Alisa moved away from behind me and I could see from the corner of my eye, she set up her camera on the tripod. Alisa then walked around the room doing things as I continued to pound Brittany’s tight hole. I closed my eyes, concentrating on not blowing my load too soon. I felt an arm slip around my waist and lips graze my cheek. I opened my eyes and could see Alisa’s look of lust. I pulled Alisa close, kissing her on the lips. I felt her tongue on my lips so I opened my mouth. I not sure what came over my beautiful lesbian friend as we slowly made out, her tongue sliding around in my mouth. “Sean, would it be mean of me to ask you to fuck me for a bit?” I smiled and gave her another peck on the lips. “Let me make Brittany cum once more, then I'll slip into you.” She seemed satisfied with my answer and lay down next to Brittany. I watched as she leant forward and kissed my groaning friend. As the girls made out I lay forward over their kissing heads and slammed my cock into Brittany’s tight hole. I pulled my cock nearly all the way out of her before slamming back in. Her body arched and she groaned into Alisa’s mouth. I slammed as hard as I could and could feel the reaction in Brittany’s body. She started to shake violently, and I knew she would have a great orgasm. I could hear her muffled groans into Alisa’s mouth, with the latter squeezing Brittany’s young soft breast. I Pulled my cock out just as the orgasm overtook her, she pushed Alisa away, bringing her knees up to her chest and groaning. I watched as for the first time I could see a clear gush of clear cum pour from her pussy. She lay on her side, her body still jerking. I smiled. I pulled Alisa close to me, “are you sure you want me to do this to you?” I said. She nodded. I sat on the edge of the bed and Alisa straddled my lap. She looked nervous as she positioned my cock up against the entrance of her pussy. “You will be my
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first ever guy,” I smiled and pulled her close to me. I could feel my cock head sliding against her wet opening. “Oh hell,” she said, pushing herself down, impaling herself on my cock. She let out a long groan under her breath and closed her eyes. I pulled her close, feeling her breasts on my chest as I kissed her neck. I slowly started to rock her body, and soon she was bouncing. I held her close, enjoying the sensation of a new tight pussy. I picked Alisa up by her butt and lay her back on the bed, she looked up at me with pure lust in her eyes. I lifted her legs onto my shoulder, holding her lower thighs against my belly. I slammed as hard as I could, watching Alisa’s reaction to what I was doing. She seemed to enjoy every second of it, as with every thrust her eyes glazed and she let out a small sweet grunt. Brittany crawled back over to me, having calmed down from her intense orgasm. She kissed me passionately, her hand stroking my chest and belly. Brittany left my side and leant forward to kiss Alisa instead. I slid my cock in and out of Alisa’s tight hole, telling Brittany to suck on her juices. Brittany giggled and leant forward, taking my cock into her mouth. She sucked me eagerly, squealing on my cock as Alisa Lifted her by her legs, making her sit on her face. Brittany sat upright on Alisa’s face as I pushed my cock back inside Alisa’s pussy. Brittany leant forward and we kissed slowly and our lesbian girlfriend ate her out. Brittany kissed me slowly, her lips trembling on mine. I pushed Brittany back, making her lean back. I watched with interest as Alisa’s tongue slid and flicked over Brittany’s wet cunt. I pulled my cock from Alisa’s pussy and told her to get on all fours. I watched as Brittany lay back on the bed and Alisa climbed on top of her. Brittany’s arms wrapped around Alisa’s neck and the slowly kissed once more. I slipped my cock inside her pussy from behind, I held her hips and started to slam my cock as hard as she could. Alisa groaned loudly, her mouth muffled by Brittany’s tongue in her mouth. I decided that if I was already fucking her I would show her a great time. I pulled my cock out her pussy shoving it into her ass right away. She screamed and lifted her back up against my chest. I cupped both her breasts, pulling her against me, kissing her neck. “Sean, you bastard, you stuck it in my ass. Fuck you feel so good inside me. I love you.” I smiled, I was going to make cum right now. I reached forward, slipping two fingers inside her pussy as my cock slid in and out of her ass. She groaned, pushing her ass back against my cock. I could feel her body start to shake so I told Brittany to finger Alisa’s pussy roughly. I pulled Alisa as close to me as possible, our bodies pressed to one another as my cock moved in and out of her ass as fast as possible. I could feel Brittany’s fingers in her cunt sliding in and out at a steady pace as I tried to match it with my thrusts. At last, I could feel Alisa’s ass tighten like a grip around my cock, her voice dying down like someone had turned off the volume. I grabbed Alisa’s neck with one hand and started talking nasty things in her ear. “Yes, my naughty little lesbian, cum for daddy. Tell me you love me and that you love my cock in your ass and cunt.” Her body shook and Brittany pulled her fingers from Alisa’s pussy. Alisa groaned loudly falling forward on the bed. I watched her pussy pulsate and her juices flow freely from her cunt. I smiled, leaning forward to kiss her. I stood over her and pushed my cock up against her lips, she opened her mouth, taking my cock into her mouth and sucking it hard. “That’s my lovely lesbian, suck my cock clean from your ass.” She looked up at me and smiled. “Girls, you two make out, I’m going to get something.” I went out to the living room to find Alisa’s double strap on dildo thing. I had a great Idea and wanted my girls to enjoy themselves. I found it near the couch and picked it up. I walked back to the bedroom and saw the girls making out. I have to say it looked beautiful, so I lingered for a minute and watched. It was Brittany who saw me first and giggled when she saw what I was holding. I sat between them and held the double sided strap on and told them to lick it clean. I watched as both girls took a side each and slowly sucked it. I held both their heads making the deep throat the dildo so that their mouths nearly met in the middle. When I was satisfied I took it away from them and told Brittany to stand up. I helped her step into the harness and slipped one end into her pussy, she groaned as I pushed it in as far as it would go. Alisa smiled up at us and I told her to lay back with her legs open. Brittany lay on top of Alisa pushing her “cock” into Alisa’s waiting hole. I watched them hold each other close, their breasts squashed against each other. I leant forward positioning my cock on the entrance of Brittany’s ass. “Okay my loves, let’s have some real fun, Brittany, you fuck Alisa as I fuck your sweet ass. You are going to get your own little DP here too. I’m gonna fuck you till you both cum.” The girls both giggled and I slid my cock all the way inside Brittany’s ass. I pushed Brittany’s head so her face was directly on Alisa’s and watched as alias wrapped her arms around Brittany’s neck. The girls kissed passionately, both groaning into each other’s mouth as my cock slid easily in and out of that tight ass. I could feel the dildo inside Brittany’s rubbing against the inner walls, my cock feeling it from the inside of her ass. I slapped her butt gently, ploughing my cock in her ass as deep as I could. She looked back at me with those sexy eyes. “Yes Sean, fuck my ass. You feel so good in my ass. Alisa is loving it too. Look at her, she is close. Fuck me hard so we can make her cum.” She’s become such a slut, I thought, laughing silently. I leant right over Brittany, almost laying directly on her back. I could clearly see Alisa’s face, a picture of pure ecstasy imprinted upon it. I started to pound as hard and as fast as I could, both girls groaning into each other’s ears. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer, but I would have to wait for the girls to cum first. I could see Alisa was close to the edge and I knew Brittany was too so I went into overdrive. I slammed my cock deep into Brittany’s ass, going as deep and pushing her as far as possible. I knew what I was doing was working as Brittany’s ass tightened around my cock and both girls groaned in unison. Alisa more or less pushed Brittany off her, her neck and face going red. Brittany, in turn, pushed me away and I pulled my cock from her ass. Both girls sat there panting, Brittany’s pussy still stuffed with the dildo. They both lay back exhausted and satisfied “Okay girls, come here and suck me off. Help me cum now.” Alisa was the first to wrap her lips around my cock, making me laugh. “The lesbian loves my cock now, don’t you?” She looked up at me and smiled, she took my cock from my mouth and passed it to Brittany. The girls took turns sucking me till I could hold back no longer. I pulled my cock from Alisa’s mouth and started to jerk myself hard. I grunted hard looking down at the two beautiful faces with their tongues out. I closed my eyes, grunting one last time. I shot load after load, hearing the girls squeal and laugh. I opened my eyes to see Brittany had gotten the brunt of my seed on her face, especially on her left eye. Alisa turn to Brittany, licking my cum as best she could. I watched as the girls kissed passionately, sharing my cum between them. Alisa stood up and walked over to the camera, which I had forgotten was there, and turned it off. She then walked to her dresser and did something to her phone and then picked up a small digital camera and did something with that. “Let’s go for a shower,” she said as she walked over to Brittany, helping her take off the double ended strap on. I followed the girls into the bathroom and switched on the shower. I waited for it to get to optimum temperature before stepping in. The girls stepped in with me and we all spent a few minutes kissing and washing each other off. A few minutes later we were all back on the bed, the girl lying next to me, cuddling up. We all lay there all together, enjoying each other’s company. Alisa rested her head on my chest, laying short, sweet kisses on me. “Sean, I will edit our movie and make us all a copy, then you can give Brittany a copy before she goes back to the US.” Brittany showed her appreciation by giving Alisa a peck on the lips. I smiled. It was not long before I fell asleep, Brittany and Alisa falling asleep right along with me. To Be Continued…  

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