Sex With A Ragged Woman Who Seems To Be Taken When She Fucks Her

Sex With A Ragged Woman Who Seems To Be Taken When She Fucks Her

I wanted to make tonight special for her. We were going out for dinner, then back to my place for a night of fun. We had been planning this for 2 weeks, and I wanted it to be perfect. The plan was going for me to pick her up, and we were going to a good Italian place downtown. Well that went over perfectly, we had a lot of fun, and I got her to blush quite a few times. She's so cute when she blushes. Once the date was over and we started to head back to my place, I smiled and looked over at her, "So Cassy did you enjoy the date?" She replied softly, "I enjoyed it, but I think I am more excited about tonight." "You should be, I have a full night planned for us," I smiled, as my hand slide from the stick shift to her knee. As she felt my warm touch her face flushed with a nice bright red. "You're so adorable when you blush." She giggled, and set her hand on mine. We arrived home, and I walked her up to my room. "Strip down for me pet. We are starting now." She blushed as she slowly striped her clothing off, and set it all on the floor next to the bed. "Now on your knees like a good pet." She looked up at me and spoke softly, "Sir what are my orders, how can I please you." "I have a lot planned for you, but first, I'm thirsty." I walked over to her and put on her collar and leash, and started to walk her out of the room. She fallowed crawling on all fours, trying to keep up with my pace. I poured myself a glass of water, and looked at her. "Do you want something to drink?" She nodded her head. I poured some water into a bowl and set it at my feet. She leaned in and started to lick and drink the water. "Good girl. Now follow me to the living room." I started to walk her around, taking the long way. She started to fall behind so I pulled on the leash, making her fall, "Make me wait on you, and you'll be punished." She quickly got back on all fours and started to follow me. I sat down in the living room, and started to watch tv, she sat on her knees, hands on the ground like a good little puppy. "Cassy," I spoke firm, and she turned her head to me. "I have a job for you." I slowly unzipped my pants, and pulled out my hard cock, "You know what to do." She got up and slowly pressed her lips against my tip, kissing it, then she softly puts her mouth around it and starts to lick, and lightly suck on the tip. I set my hand on her head and pushed her down a little. She let my hard cock slide deep into her throat, she gagged a little, but like a good girl, she held back, and continued to suck. I moaned lightly as I took my hand off of her. She continued to please me, licking and letting my cock slide as deep as it could. I felt myself getting close so I pulled her off. "Sorry but I want to save that for a different hole," I smiled and she blushed deeply. "Sir, please use me in any way you'd like," she spoke up softly, and smiled. I glanced down at her, "You know you're not allowed to speak unless given permission to." Her smile faded. "Now you shall be punished, get on all fours." She did as she was told.**Switching to Cassy's point of view, to show how the story would be told from her point of view. What gives a better effect. Over the night, I had felt so happy. This was such a perfect day; the date went perfectly, and I knew tonight would be so much fun. Nick and I have spent the past week and a half planing and talking of all our fantasies. We decided for a little pet play. I was to be his puppy all night long. It's something I've wanted to try but have never been able to before. I've enjoyed being his slave before, but being a pet has other rules. I'm so happy that I can please him, and... "Cassy," his voice knocked me out of my train of thought. I quickly turned my head and looked up at him. "I have a job for you." He unzipped his pants, and I knew that tonight would be perfect. "...get on all fours." I moved so I was on all fours, and master walked behind me. His hand came down hard on my ass as he spanked me. I could feel my ass turning red, as his hand came down again, and again. I couldn't help but moan a little as he hit me for a fifth time. "So you like a little pain, maybe I should spank you more; how about 15 times?" I shook my head, even though I knew in my heart that I would love that, and that he would punish me even more for saying no. "Really now, Guess I'll have to go with 20." As he stopped speaking I felt his hand come down harder than before. By the time he had reached 20, I was almost in tears, but they were tears of joy, along with a little pain. "Now that your all warmed up, I guess I'll have my fun now." His hands gently caress my hips, then up my sides as I felt his hard cock rub against my now dripping pussy. I gasped as he pushed just his tip inside of me. He liked that and spanked the sides of my breasts as he caresses my sides. His cock plunged deep inside of me as I let out a light scream, as he started to fuck me harder, and harder. I couldn't keep my voice down as I started moaning. I felt myself, and him get close to the edge. He didn't slow down and soon enough his hot cum burst inside of me, as I reached my climax and cam all over him. I felt his hands wrap around my stomach as my hands let go. We fell down and he cuddled with me. His voice was soft, almost a whisper, "I love you sweetie, and we are far from done tonight. I'll give you a short break because I'm comfortable and you have been such a good little puppy."**Switching to Nick's point of view. I cuddled her for what seemed like forever, she drifted in and out of sleep. I let her rest for about half an hour, knowing what I had planned for the end of tonight, she needs all the rest she can get. My hands slide down her sides, and softly caressed her, she started to wake, and I softly kissed the side of her neck from behind. "Oh Nick. You know what that does to me," she spoke softly under her breath. "That's Master Nick!" I spoke firm but no louder than normal. I slide my hands down her stomach, and spanked her pussy hard. "Remember we aren't done, not just yet." "I'm so sorry Master; it slipped my mind while we cuddled. Please don't be too hard on me; I won’t make the mistake again," she spoke fast her voice shaking a little. "Don't worry, with what I have planned. You'll more than make up for that," I kissed her neck again, and then softly licked where my lips had touched. I softly blew cold air against her skin. That sent shivers down her spin, and she let out a soft moan. "Master Nick, I love you," she spoke softly. I could tell she was blushing, even though I wasn't looking at her face to face. "Love you too, Cassy, my lovely pet. Let’s head upstairs." I got up and grabbed her leash; she started to stand but saw the leash and stayed on all fours, not wanting to be punished again. I lead her around, the house one last time, walking fast but taking the longest route I possibly could. Once we arrived upstairs I was surprised, she didn't fall behind, and was panting like a good little puppy. To reward her I patted her on the head, she smiled. I knelled down and kissed her softly on the lips. She kissed back and softly licked my lips. I stood up and spoke softly, "Get to your feet." She looked at me oddly, but did as was told. I slid my hands around her waist pulling her in as I leaned into her neck and bit down just enough to leave a mark. Her moans escaped as she tried to hide them. I slide my hands down still biting down on her, and spanked her hard. She moaned and pulled back making my teeth scrap against her neck as she pulled away from the bite. This was enough to make her pussy dripping wet, I'm sure of it. "Now I'm going to please you a little for being a good girl, but I'm not going to let you climax again tell the end of tonight." She blushed, as I spoke. "Now just stand up and spread your legs a little." After she opened up a little more, I slowly dropped to my knees and licked her pussy once from bottom to clit. She moaned and I swallowed the little cum that was dripping down from her lovely pussy. I started to lick her clit, letting my tongue flick across it, and then I would suck a little, letting my teeth scrap against it, softly a
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s to not hurt her. I slowly licked all the way down, then back up, and started to finger her, just using 2 fingers. I curled my fingers just enough to hit her g-spot as I started to lick her clit. As I stimulated both areas she went insane, moaning and I could feel her legs grow weaker and she almost couldn't stand. She was adorable, a perfect little slave girl, and a beauty. I stopped and made sure to fill my mouth with as much of her sweet yet salty cum as I could. I stood up to her and kissed her deeply, her tongue entered my mouth to taste her nectar as I let her have about half of it. We both swallowed and looked at each other, our faces now completely red. I spoke first, "Well, now that you're all hot and bothered, we can start with the fun." Her eyes grew wide as I walked to my closet; I took out a little wooden box. It was about 1 foot wide, 8 inches long and 6 inches deep. She looked at it oddly, because she had never seen it before. I took out a few lengths of rope, leather braided whip, and turned to her. "You ready?" I could tell she was excited, but scared at the same time. She had dreamed of being tied up, before but hasn't experienced it in real life yet. I was going to change that tonight. I walked her over to the bed, and took off the covers. The bed was lined with plastic as the base, and she looked at it oddly. I simply smiled and told her, "You trust me, right. Lay down spread eagle. If at any time you wish to stop, say." I paused for a moment to think, "Anime." She giggled at the safe word but nodded and laid down spreading her arms and legs out. I tied her hands together above her head, and then tied them to my headboard. Her legs were tied up to each bed post at the base of my Queen sized bed. I walked into the bathroom. I took my time to build up suspense. I could hear her fig-it on the plastic that covered my bed. I walked out with a candle, and lighter. She squirmed and looked up at me. "Trust me it won’t hurt too much." I could tell from her eyes she was scared but interested at the same time. "I'll only drip a little at first, if you like it, or can handle it. I will continue." My voice was soft and mellow, it calmed her down a little and she nodded her head for me to continue. I light the candle and slowly poured a few drops onto one of her nipples. As they landed she wiggled and struggle, I could tell by the look on her face it wasn't as bad as she had expected, she liked it but never the less it did hurt. I poured some on her other nipple. She squirmed again, but I could tell she liked it. I continued to cover her nice breasts, and then slowly moved lower, letting it splash again her belly, then eventually dripping it onto her clit. As the first drops hit her clit, she burst into motion; squirming form the pain and pleasure. I smiled and leaned down to kiss her, but only kissed her neck, knowing that's a huge 'hot spot' of hers. She blushed and her heart was beating fast, and breath was hot and heavy. I poured more onto her pussy, making her squirm as she let out a little yelp. So cute, so puppy-like. After covering her little pussy, and recovering some of her belly, and chest. I blew the candle out, and started to rub her breasts, making her wet, teasing her. I then brushed off some of the wax, it hurt her, but she didn't like mind too much. After I cleaned her mostly, I fingered her fast and hard, bringing her to the edge quickly not letting her cum. As she came close to her climax and moaned more and more, her body moving on its own out of pure pleasure I pulled out and walked off. She looked over at me, and blushed, "Please master, please finish." she was begging, almost crying from being taken to the edge for a second time without let to climax. I looked over at her, "Guess you will have to wait till what comes next.” She looked confused but she would find out what I meant soon. I untied her from the bed, but not from her hand restraints, and walked her over to the wall. I took off two pictures from the wall, they were held up by two very big bolts. I then tied her her hands above her head, and to one of the bolts. She was facing the wall, and I told her, "Be a good girl and don't look away from that wall." I walked over and picked up my whip. As I walked back to her I whipped the air. The sound scared her. She turned around and I shook my head. "That's 5 more. You didn't listen, now I will whip your 15 times, rather than just 10. Here are the rules, no crying, and no begging. When you cry, I will whip you 2 more times, when you beg, or speak out, 3 more." She then turned her head back to the wall and rested her forehead against the wall, as I whipped her for the first time. She tried so hard not to make any sounds. I waited, and sure enough I had left a red mark on her back. I quickly whipped her 3 more times, hitting her ass twice and her back again once. When I hit her the fifth time she cried out in pain. I had hit one of the spots that have been hit before. "Ouch, looks like that's 3 more for speaking out. Take your punishment quietly and you won’t have to endear as much." She bites her lips as I continued. 6, 7,8,910,11 went by so well, but she cried out from being hit so many times. I walk up to her and kiss her on the back of the neck. "I'll give you a break for the time being, but you won’t be allowed to rest," as I said that my hard cock pushed into her pussy, she moaned loudly as her legs let go of herself. Now the only thing holding her up was my cock, and the rope that has her hands tied uncomfortably above her head. I began to pump my hips, fucking her tightly dripping wet pussy. She moaned, and soon forgot about the pain her back was in, as I took her from behind, pressing her against the wall. I slowed down as I felt her tighten around my cock. "No you're not allowed to cum yet. Not tell your punishment is complete." I pulled out of her, and she let out a moan. I spoke up again, "I want you to pick. The rest of your punishment on your back, or turn around and have it be on your front side?" She thought for a moment, "I will bare it out on my back." Her voice quivered as she spoke. I walked away and lightly finished her punishment. I only left a few marks and she never cried out, or begged for me to stop. I undid the rope and laid her down on the bed on her belly. I lightly took a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol and cleaned her back. Only 2 of my hits were hard enough to break skin, but with her being my life, and my love, I could not risk her getting infected, and I knew she would enjoy me being sweet and sensitive after a session like tonight’s. After getting her cleaned up, I kissed her from her ass to her neck, up her spine tickling her. Then I turned her over and passionately kissed her, playing with her tongue. After that I kissed her deeply again, and caressed her sides. She spoke up, "Master please fuck me. I need you, want you. Tonight has been amazing and if I can sleep tightly with you and with your hot cum inside of me. It would make it that much more special." I smiled and kissed her again, and then I slowly started to fuck her. Wanting to make the night perfect for her, I didn't fuck her to hard, or too fast. I kept a good speed, pushing deep inside of her, and making her moan more then she had all night. She called out my name, and I hers. We climaxed together, and I wrapped my arms around her. Holding her close to me, and kissed her passionately. We stayed like this for a moment, my cock pulsing inside of her tightening pussy. We cuddled for the rest of the night, as lovers. Not as master and slave, not as owner and pet, but as soul mates. "I love you," was the last words we both heard as we passed out in each others arms. ... To be continued? ** If I get enough people wishing for more, I'll add a part 2 (part 3 if you check my fetlife account).I switched to Cassy's point of view in the beginning because this was a 2 part short story, and I asked a few friends to pick if it should be told from Nick, or Cassy's point of view. They agreed that Nick's point of view told it better, but that maybe a future story could be told from Cassy's point of view.

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