She's Fucked Instantly By A Lime That Slaps Her Over The Pieces When She Fucks Her

She's Fucked Instantly By A Lime That Slaps Her Over The Pieces When She Fucks Her

"Son of a bitch." The words slip from my lips as the door shuts behind me, and bumps against my ass. I clutch the white towel tightly around my body and turn around to bang against the door with my fist. "Open the door, Leah!" I yell, praying that she'll unlock the door and let me back into my apartment. "Hmm, let me think about that... nope!" Her voice carries through the door, and I stomp my foot in a childish manner. "Damn it, Leah. It's my apartment!" I pout and continue to pound my fist against the door. I quickly glance up and down the hallway, as I continue to drip water onto the hardwood floor of the hall. Just as I go to open my mouth to yell at Leah again, I hear a snicker behind me. I whip around, my wet hair sticking to my face as I do. His tall frame takes up most of the doorway, and I have to crane my neck to see his face. He's leaning against the door, in only his boxers, and looking me up and down in only my soaked white bath towel. He wears a sly grin, and I feel my face flush pink. Of course, it would have to be him to find me outside of my apartment, in nothing but a towel, embarrassing myself at 5:00 in the morning. I've seen him around the building on a couple occasions, and he's been the subject of my wet dreams ever since he moved in across the hall. Our mutual flirting whenever we see each other around doesn't help, of course. He's just so... dreamy. Dreamy, as in, every time I see him I want him to push me against the wall and fuck me until I can't see straight. I muster up every ounce of dignity I have, lift my chin, and stare him straight in the eye. "What the fuck are you looking at?" He quirks a dark eyebrow at me, the smile on his face becoming more amused. "Don't mind me, continue on with... whatever you were doing," he says, his deep voice sending shivers down my spine, as he waves his hand absentmindedly towards my door. His large, rough, strong hand... No, I think to myself, focus. "Oh, I will, thanks," I say, sarcastically. "If you don't mind me asking... what exactly are you doing?" he asks, quirking an eyebrow. "What the fuck does it look like?" I seethe at him. "I'm locked out." I sigh, pounding my fist against the door once more. He glances down at the puddle surrounding my feet. I pound my hand against the door three times, and I feel my feet slide, no doubt due to the water now coating the floor. I grip the handle, steadying myself before I fall. "Careful," he says, "it's a little slippery down there." He shows me his fucking dimples and I vaguely wonder if I'll die of embarrassment soon. I try not to think about whether or not his words were meant to hold a double meaning. Get a hold of yourself, you don't act this way around men, men act this way around you; I mentally chide myself. He has this effect on my body that I can't explain. He leaves me stumbling on my thoughts like a sixteen year old girl, not a twenty three year old woman. As I open my mouth to comment back to him, my feet slide and I'm suddenly falling flat on my ass. He reaches his arm out to help, but it's too late. "Shit." Immediately, he bends down, and I take his outstretched hand as he pulls me to my feet. Of course, because my feet are still slippery, I slide just enough that my bare chest presses against his for a moment. All of my blood rushes to my pussy as I breathe in his scent. "Come inside," he says, looking down at me. "You can borrow a shirt and pants, if you want?" I quickly weigh my options, and his suggestion seems like the best one. Who knows when Leah will open the door, and I wouldn't want to be standing out here nude for hours. Besides, a part of me feels like I might be fulfilling a fantasy I've had for a long time. "Alright." I nod hesitantly. I follow him into his apartment, and he walks into his room, returning with a t-shirt and a pair of boxers in hand. "This should be alright, any pants I have would be way too big anyway." I simply nod, and walk into his bathroom, locking the door as I change. His white t-shirt hangs to mid-thigh, and his boxers go down just past my knees. The clothes are very obviously too big on me, and you can easily see my nipples poking through the thin fabric of his shirt. My breasts bounce freely beneath his shirt, and I wonder if I was better off in the towel. When I enter his kitchen, his eyes glance down to my chest for a moment, before he turns his body away from me, searching through a cupboard. "Do you want some water?" he asks, clearing his throat. "No, I'm fine, thanks." "No problem." "Thank you for the clothes," I say, as I make my way towards the kitchen where he's standing. "It's fine," he says, grinning at me. "They look better on you anyway." Again my cheeks go red at his gaze."I'm Colton," he says, reaching his large hand out to me. We're so close together that his finger tips almost brush against my stomach. "Mara," I say, placing my hand in his. His hand is rough but soft at the same time and I can't help but wonder what it would feel like against my bare legs. I stare down at our entwined hands and when I look back up, his eyes are trained on my lips. The urge to kiss him is so overwhelming that I grip his hand a little tighter, and pull his arm closer to mine. His eyes dart up to mine and he quickly grips my hips, pulling me flush against him. His lips crash down onto mine and I quickly entwine my fingers in his dark hair. We walk backwards until I feel my back flush against the counter. His rough hands grip my thighs, and he lifts me off the ground, wrapping my legs around his waist as my ass comes to rest on the counter. I moan against his lips, and he lets his hands come to rest on my bare waist underneath his t-shirt. He pulls back, and kisses down my neck. One hand comes up to squeeze my breast through his shirt. I can feel him pressing against me, a large bulge in his sweatpants that hang low on his hips. Suddenly, his hand is down the front of the boxers I'm wearing, and I throw my head back as his warm hand comes in contact with my wetness. His expert fingers glide over my slick opening before curling into me as his thumb rubs against my clit. He groans as I rock against his hand, guiding him to the right spot. "God, Mara, you're so wet." I grip onto his shoulders when he touches me just the right way, and he notices, continuing to touch me in that same spot over and over. I moan loudly as I feel an orgasm building inside of me. He quickens his movements and just like that, I clench down on his fingers, my thighs shaking around him. His lips come to mine and I kiss him quickly as I come down from my high. He withdraws his hand from me and takes a finger into his mouth, tasting me. He offers me his other finger and I grip his wrist, pulling his fingers to my mouth. I slowly take them in my mouth, tasting myself on him. His eyes are glued to me and I see him gulp. He grins then, watching me. "Delicious," he says. I quickly jump off of the counter and put my hands on his chest. "Your turn," I say, biting my lip as I gently press him against the counter. He looks at me, waiting for whatever comes next. I drop to my knees in front of him, tugging on his pants, pulling his boxers down with them. His cock springs free, and I'm surprised for a moment at how thick he is but I take him in my hand, pumping him slowly; he groans. "Mara." He growls my name, and I look up at him as I run my tongue along his shaft. I take his tip in my mouth slowly, sucking gently as I work more of him into my mouth. I try to look up at him the whole time, and he watches me, his eyes never leaving my face. I pull back and his cock comes free of my mouth with a popping sound. I continue to pump him with my hands as I stick out my tongue, running it in a circular motion on his tip. I watch as his hands grip the counter and his hips buck towards me slightly. "Fuck," he says. "I'm so close, Mara." At his words, I put him back in my mouth, bobbing my head a little quicker and taking as much of him as I can in my mouth. His cock hits the back of my throat, but there are still a few inches of his cock that I'm unable to take in my mouth. I feel one of his hands come to the back of my head, guiding me as I bob up and down on his cock. I feel him start to push me back, as he says, "Careful, I-i'm gonna cum, Mara." But I shake my head, keeping him in my mouth, wanting to feel him cum in my mouth. So he pulls me closer, and I stay still as his cock twitches in my mouth, unloading string after string of hot cum in my mouth. I pull back slightly, trying to swallow it as he fills my mouth; but there's so much cum that it's hard to swallow it all. He's breathing heavily as I step to my feet, my tongue darting out to lick the small drop of cum that dripped from the side of my mouth. "Delicious," I say mischievously, repeating his words from earlier. He grins, pulling me flat against his chest. "You're amazing," he says, his hands coming to rest on my bottom. I just smile, before telling him that I should get going. I walk to his front door and he follows me, cornering me against his front door. I breathe in, his scent surrounding me. "Will you go to dinner with me?" he asks, smiling down at me. His confidence is contagious. "What time?" I ask, craning my neck to look him dead in the eye. The air is thick surrounding us; I feel as though I may suffocate. He glances down at my lips, and his tongue darts out along his full bottom lip. "8pm," he grins, reaching past me to open the door. "I'll pick you up." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I decide on a seductive black dress for the evening, with matching lace bra and thong underneath; with the way things went earlier, it's good to be prepared. I take out my black Louboutin heels from the back of my closet, my favorite pair that I save for special occasions when I want to look extra sexy. The skin tight black dress comes down to about mid thigh, and has a low plunging neckline with lace trim around the edges. He's quite punctual, not a minute past eight o'clock he comes knocking on my door. There's a part of me that's screaming that I shouldn't go out with him; I don't even know him. I'll blame it on my recent lack of orgasms, and his blatant sex appeal. He leads me to his car, and opens the door. I have to step up to get in his large truck, and my tall, thin, black Louboutin heels make my ankles shake. He puts his hand on my waist, boosting me upwards, and I feel my face flush. The air in the car is thick, and I notice his eyes on my tan legs more than once as we drive. I let my skin tight black dress hike up farther than I normally would, not pulling it down my legs. I watch his strong hands grip the steering wheel, and another wave of arousal washes over me. How is it possible that I find him so sexy and he hasn't even done anything yet. I rub my thighs together unconsciously, trying to relieve some pressure with a bit of friction. "Careful there, Mara, I might just have to pull over," he says jokingly, glancing down at my legs. "Sorry," I say, pulling the tight fabric down over my skin. He just grins. We arrive at the restaurant, and he comes around to my side, opening the door for me. He helps me out, and closes the door. We're just an inch apart, and he looks intently at me, hands planted firmly on my waist. Suddenly, there's not enough oxygen between us, and I hold my breath. "I hope you like Italian," he says, giving me a grin before walking towards the restaurant, pulling me behind him by our entwined hands. We're seated in a small booth, the restaurant is dimly lit and candles are lit on the table in front of us. "You look gorgeous, Mara," he says, looking up at me from his menu. "Thank you," I say, smiling. The waitress comes and we order some wine. We both order pasta, and send the waitress on her way; I'm not that hungry at the moment, Colton has a way of distracting me. "So, this morning, " he says, grinning. "It was great." "It was alright," I say, sending him a sly grin. He quirks an eyebrow at me. "Just alright?" "Mmm." I nod. "Can I tell you something, Mara?" "Sure." "I've been waiting for this moment since the second I saw you." "What do you mean?" I ask, curiously. "Every time we passed each other in the hall, all I wanted to do was press you against the wall and have my wicked way with you." He sends me a sexy smile. I cross my legs, leaning towards him on the table. My heart is pounding in my chest, and I'm shaking. I can't believe I'm actually hearing these words from him, that all of those times I imagined him taking me; he was thinking the same thing. "Is that your intention?" I ask, furrowing my brow slightly. "What?" "To have your wicked way with me?" He grins then, "If that's what the lady wants, how can I refuse?" "Such a gentleman," I say sarcastically. "Always," he grins. I laugh slightly at him. He truly is charming; and his attitude is contagious. "Can I tell you something, Colton?" "Of course." "I've imagined you having your way with me, too." "Really?" he asks, his eyes lighting up. "How was I?" He grins. "I'll be honest; you did some very ungentlemanly things," I say, sitting back in my seat. "You should be ashamed of yourself." He leans back in his chair then, laughing quite loudly. "Really? I'd love to hear about it sometime." "I'm sure you would," I grin. We're silent for a moment and I can't stop myself from the words that come out of my mouth next. "Colton?" "Yes?" "I've never done anything like this before," I say, letting my nerves surface through. I don't want him to think I'm some loose woman who just has sex with anyone at any given moment. "Well neither have I," he says. "And we don't have to do anything you don't feel comfortable with, Mara." "I know," I nod. "I just mean that we barely know each other." He nods. "But, on the other hand, it sounds like we've already done some pretty dirty things; according to you at least. I'd say we know each other pretty well," he says, raising a brow and I can't contain my laugh. "Fair enough," I nod. I feel naked underneath his intense g
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aze and I'm relieved when the waitress comes back with our food. "Hungry, Mara?" he asks. "I'm starving," I say, watching as his eyes darken. I eat my pasta quickly, not really interested in it. Colton seems the same way, and we both glance over at each other occasionally, grinning. We finish our food quickly, and it's not long until the waitress returns. "Would you like to order some dessert?" she asks perkily, handing us each a small dessert menu. I look up at Colton, and he's staring at me mischievously. "I know what I want, but I don't think it's on the menu," he says, not taking his eyes off of me. I try my hardest not to cough when I look up at the waitress' uncomfortable expression, my face flushing red. "I-I'll have the chocolate cake, thanks," I say quickly, handing her the menu and she smiles slightly before walking away. "Oh my God, Colton, that was so embarrassing," I say "Hey! I could have been talking about anything; but I like the way your mind is headed." He winks, acting innocent. "Did you see her face? It was almost as red as mine," I say, sending him a small scowl. "I didn't notice," he says, grinning. "You're embarrassing." "Relax, Mara, Don't get your panties in a twist," he says, leaning towards me with an eyebrow quirked, taunting me. "Relax, huh?" I ask, leaning back in my chair and reaching out my leg under the table. My high heels come in contact with his pants, he sits up straighter, looking at me hesitantly. I slowly tease my leg up the side of his calf, running my foot along his thigh, just enough for him to tense slightly. I bring my leg up all the way, letting my foot rest in his lap. "Do you like my shoes, Colton?" He glances down at his lap and he nods, bringing his hand down to my ankle, running it up my calf and squeezing lightly and I let out a quiet exaggerated moan at his actions. "I love them," he whispers, his hand going lower under the table, up further on my leg. Just as he reaches my thigh, I pull away. "Good, " I say, as his hand slips off of my calf. "Me too." I smile at the fleeting frustrated look on his face. "What's the matter, Colton? You look a little tense." He just looks at me and shakes his head as I let out a small laugh. I can't believe how wet I am at our exchange. His hands on my leg were like heaven. "Oh no, I'm fine," he says, suddenly back to his confident self. "Mara, take off your panties," he says, a glint in his dark green eyes. "What?" I ask, shocked, leaning forwards across the booth, lowering my voice. "Give me your panties." "I- I can't do that," I say, my heart hammering against my chest. I try to ignore the way that my clit pounds with his words. "Why not?" he asks, narrowing his eyes in a challenge. Oh God, that look on his face makes my pussy throb. "I-I just can't. We're in public." "I knew you wouldn't do it," he says, sitting back in his chair. "You're too tense." I scowl at him, not liking that I'm backing down from his challenge. But he's got a point, why not? It's not as if I don't want to, because a part of me does. A part of me wants to do everything and anything that he asks of me."Fine," I say, narrowing my eyes right back. I glance around the dark restaurant, checking to see if anyone is looking. I quickly shimmy my hips, raising my dress slightly on my legs so that I can grip my black lace thong. What am I doing? I question in my mind. I'm fairly certain that if any other man would have asked me to take my panties off, I would have left him on the spot. Colton's smoldering eyes watch me, and I grin at the excitement of it all. I slide it down my legs, leaning forward so that my thong doesn't catch on my heels. His eyes are watching me, and I vaguely wonder if I have the same effect on him that he seems to have on me. I grip the thin material in my hand, internally cursing when I feel how damp it is. I lean forward, my arm underneath the table, placing the fabric in his large warm hand. He grins as he feels the damp fabric. "Excited, Mara?" My cheeks flush.I take the opportunity of being so close to him to glance down at his lap. I grin then, glancing at the large bulge in his pants. "Excited, Colton?" He lets out a hearty laugh, and I sit back in my seat, satisfied. Then the reality of what I've just done hits me. Oh God, I'm not wearing any panties. "You have no idea." His response stops my thoughts in their tracks. Fuck it, I want him, so bad.  It feels good to act on impulse for once and to not be the one in control. "Alright," I clear my throat. "Your turn." I nod at him, looking over where the bathrooms are and he smirks. "That may be a little difficult." "And why is that?" "Because," he leans towards me, "I'm not wearing any."I laugh, but my cheeks burn, and my throat goes dry. Why is that idea so sexy to me? "I don't believe you," I say defiantly. "Well, I could prove it to you. But as you pointed out - we are in a public place." I look away from his gaze, clearing my throat. Oh god, I just hope that when we leave there isn't a wet spot on the back of my dress. "I've never done anything like this before... just so you know," I say, my voice coming out huskier than I intended. "I know," he says, a sly grin on his face. I bite my lip. "God, you have got to stop doing that." Colton's eyes drop down to stare at my mouth. "Doing what?" I question. "Biting your lip." "Oh," I say, releasing my hold on my lip. "Mara... put your foot in my lap again," he says, his eyes sparkling. I hesitate, but why stop now? So I slide my leg up into his lap again, thankful that the table cloth would prevent anyone from seeing what's going on under our table. Colton's hand grips my ankle, tugging me closer before he slowly runs his hand up my inner thigh. He's getting closer and closer to exactly where I want him. My breathing is shallow, and his middle finger comes in contact with my slit, teasing slightly. "Wow, Mara, you really are dripping," he says, looking up at me from hooded eyes. His finger presses forward, and just as he slides it into me, I'm jolted to reality by someone standing at our booth. "Here you go." I jerk back from Colton, my knee banging against the table as Colton quickly presses his back against his seat, his hands coming to rest on the table. Both of our faces are red by now, and I can't bring it in myself to look the waitress in the eye. She hesitantly places a slice of decadent chocolate cake in front of me. "Thank you," Colton coughs, nodding up at her. She leaves and I look at Colton. We both are trying not to laugh at the situation. "You should have seen her face that time," he says, laughing quietly. "Oh God, Colton, we can never come back here," I say, laughing. I look down at the slice of chocolate cake and gasp, it's huge. It's covered in chocolate sauce and has four layers. If a slice of cake could look sexy, this would be the one. I grab my fork, and take a bite. I close my eyes and moan involuntarily. "Colton, " I say, scooping some on my fork. "You have to try some." I hold my fork out to him and he lowers his mouth to it, taking a bite. The chocolate sauce drips along his bottom lip, so I reach out and scoop it up with my finger, before placing my finger in my mouth and sucking off the sauce, pulling my finger from between my lips with a pop. "Delicious," he says, his eyes dark. "Maybe we should take this to go," I say, clenching my thighs together. I can't take much more teasing, I'm dripping and all I want to do is go back to his apartment. "Getting impatient, Mara?" "Shut up, Colton and get the waitress," I say, smirking. He calls her over and she gives Colton the bill as she wraps up the cake. I keep giving Colton sly glances and we make our way to his truck. He grabs me, and pushes me against his truck with his body, crashing his lips down to mine. We kiss hungrily in the dark parking lot, his hard erection pressed against my stomach. "You're such a little tease, Mara. You had my cock so hard in there, it was painful," he says against my neck, grinding against me. I'm a tease? He should talk! "Take me home, Colton, so that you can have your wicked way with me," I whisper, a teasing glint in my voice. He growls, pulling the car door open and helping me into the car by my ass. He's quick to get into the drivers seat and pull away from the restaurant. "So, you think I'm a tease, Colton?" I ask seductively. Unbuckling my seat belt and facing towards him as he drives. His eyes dart towards me for a minute and he grips the steering wheel. "You're just too sexy for your own good," he says, eyeing me from the corner of his eye. There aren't many other people out driving, but he's trying hard to focus. "These heels aren't very comfortable... mind if I stretch out my legs?" I ask, quirking a brow at him. "Sure," he says, gulping. I stretch out my legs, resting them on his lap as he drives, I bend my knees slightly and he can easily see up my dress now, thanks to the fact that I'm no longer wearing any underwear. "Fuck," he says, glancing down at me quickly. I can see the bulge in his pants, and I bite down on my lip. I pull myself closer to him on the seat, thankful that he has a truck, making this so much easier. I lean close enough that my face is near his neck, and I look up at him. I press my hand against his crotch, rubbing him through his jeans. "Fuck, Mara, I'm gonna fucking crash if you keep going," he says huskily, trying to keep his eyes on the road. "Pull over Colton." "What?" he asks, confused. "It's dark, pull off the road," I say. "We're almost home, Mara," he says confused, and I roll my eyes. "Colton, pull over. I need you, now." He glances at me quickly, but takes a right off the road. We come to stop, and he pulls as close to the trees as he can; I just hope it's dark enough that no one can see us. As soon as he turns the car off, I pull his face to mine. His hands are everywhere at once, running along my legs, and pushing my short dress up further on my legs, exposing my bare pussy to him. "You're so sexy," he says. "God, I want to fuck you." "Yes, please, fuck me," I say, grasping his shirt, and pulling myself closer to him. Colton grips my hips, and roughly pulls me the rest of the way towards him. I place my legs on either side of his lap and get to work on his belt. His cock springs free as I unzip his pants and I moan. "You really aren't wearing underwear," I say, panting as I pump his cock with my hand. He groans. "Come here." Colton grabs my dress and pushes it way up my hips, he pulls me closer as I straddle him and he positions his cock at my opening. I sink down onto him, and we both let out a moan as we're given what we've been anticipating all day. His hands grip my ass, guiding me up and down as I ride his cock. The steering wheel is pressed against my lower back, and I try not to bang my head against the roof of his truck. Colton's face is even with my breasts as I bounce up and down, and he grips the fabric of my dress roughly. His hands find the zipper of my dress and he tugs it down, the straps falling down my shoulders. I free my arms, and my black lace bra is on display. "You're perfect," he says, reaching back to unclasp my bra as he grips my breast in one hand and rolls my nipple between his fingertips, I arch my back, pushing my breast to his willing hands and he takes a nipple in his mouth. His hips are coming up to meet me as I rock back and forth on his cock, my knees digging into the seat on either side of him. I lean back, my hands resting on his thighs behind me as I continue to move up and down above him. He grips my ass again, encouraging me to go faster. My clit is aching to be touched, and I'm so close to cumming that I feel like I might cry. "Colton, please, I need to cum," I say desperately, continuing to bounce on his cock. "I'm close, Mara, hold on baby," he says, gripping my arms and pulling them around his neck so that I'm pressed against his chest as he bucks into me. I moan and press kisses along his neck. "Fuck," he says, gripping my hips and pulling me down onto him. My thighs are shaking from holding myself in the awkward position for so long. Colton takes his hand and slides it between our bodies, he presses against my clit and I gasp. His hand stays still, but every time I move my body to come down on his cock, I rub against his hand in just the right way. "Colton, I'm cumming." I gasp, going harder than before to rock myself against him. My walls clench around his cock and he grips my hips pumping into me faster for a moment before I feel his release. We moan together, my arms around his neck and his wrapped around my back. I rock slowly against him, both of us living out our orgasms as long as possible. We just lie there in a driver seat for a moment. "Wow," I say, leaning back. "Wow," he says, grinning. I pull my bra back on, clipping it, and slide back over to my seat, zipping my dress back up. It feels good to stretch my legs properly. I hear him zip his pants back up as he situates himself. I pull my dress down over my legs, covering my soaked pussy. "Where are my panties, by the way?" I ask, laughing quietly. "Don't worry. I'm keeping them safe," he says, patting his pants pocket as he laughs. "Man, I was really looking forward to fucking you against the wall like I promised, but this; it was much better," he says, glancing sideways at me as he starts the car up again. I raise an eyebrow at him. How is it that I'm already horny again? "Think you can get it up again by the time we get home, big boy?" I ask, biting down on my lip. "Are you kidding? I could probably get it up right now if you really wanted me to," he laughs, pulling back onto the road. "Well then you might just get your wish," I say tauntingly. I fully intend on holding him to his promise of fucking me against the wall; it's a fantasy we both have, apparently. "Oh, I intend to," he says, letting his hand come to rest on my thigh as we drive. I have a feeling that I'll be getting locked out of my apartment more often; it's a good thing Colton is just across the hall to lend a helping hand.

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