Good Girl In Gray Tights Fucks Her Boyfriend In Front Of A Black One

Good Girl In Gray Tights Fucks Her Boyfriend In Front Of A Black One

Just got off a plane and straight into a hotel limousine, I have come to hate hotels; I wanted a place of my own. I’m well off, in the world of finance. I’ve worked hard and set up my own business. I travel the world but my main port of call was London UK. I spent more and more time there than anywhere else, so I had thought for a long time about finding a place of my own, in or around London. I had asked several estate agents to look out for a place for me. I have been to see a few, but none suited my requirements or me. I live alone, never married; no kids have had the odd girlfriend here and there, short term ‘friends.’ With the type of job I had, with all that travelling I did, just gave me or my partner no real chance to build up any meaning-full relationship. My last relationship with a woman by the name of Jolene ended in disaster, we had been together for about six months; I liked her very much and felt ashamed when it ended. I was on a business trip in another state, and had a fling, a one off spur of the moment thing which I never thought anyone would find out about. But Jolene did, and she left. As I mentioned, I was in the limo laid on by the hotel as they knew I was coming. I checked in the front desk and the principal manager greeted me, “Welcome back Mr Woods, your luggage has been taken to your usual room. And I have some mail for you.” He handed me the mail. I signed in and made my way to my room. It was late, eleven thirty or so. I put the mail to one side as I had not felt up to reading anything right at that time. I took a shower and went to sleep. The following morning I had a shave another quick shower, got ready and went down for breakfast. It was all ready for me at my usual table. I had brought the mail down with me to read over breakfast. It was eight o’clock; I had seven items of mail, four were from estate agents and the others were work related. I put the work related ones down and started with the agents. The first two were rubbish, not even sure why they sent me those, did not tick any of my boxes. I picked up the third and just as I had it in my hand, the waiter came up to me with a lady besides him and said, “Mr Woods, a lady to see you sir.” He left. The lady, a very short lady, English, around five foot five tall. Short brunet hair and seemed a little plump. She said, “Morning Mr Woods, I’m Emma, from the agency.” I wondered what type of agency, I stood and asked, “Morning Miss, so where are you from?” She walked over to where I had been sitting and placed a finger on the top unopened letter, the one I was just about to open, she said, “From this one Sir.” There was a logo on the letter of the agency, I stepped back and said, “Okay, shall I open it or are you going to tell me what’s in it?” She said, “You may open it if you like, or I can take you there and you can see for yourself.” She had a very mature voice, looked very friendly. It was my free day on the first day. Because I never knew what the flights were going to be like, I had always made it a rule not to have any business meetings on the first day of arrival. I asked her, “Shall I at least have a look to see if it is at all suitable, before we waste each other’s time?” She was very sure of herself and said, “You would be wasting your time opening the letter. You’d be far better off looking at it for yourself.” I asked, “Okay, you’ve got me interested, would you join me for breakfast and then we can go?” No other agency had ever bothered to send someone round in person. And since that agency had, I was intrigued to see what sort of property they had to offer me. I pulled out a chair; Emma put down a black brief case besides the chair and sat. I asked the waiter for another place setting. We chatted a bit, and I found out that she had just started this job three months ago. She lived with her parents, had one younger sister. Had had three boyfriends and had been going out with the fourth one for two months. A very polite and professional lady by all means, I was impressed with her style right from the word go. I asked her, “When do we need to be at the property, is there a meeting time?” She said, “No the place is empty, I have the keys.” I said, “Okay, so if you have finished then shall we go?” She finished her coffee and said, “Yes if you are ready.” I called the waiter over and said, “Put this on my room.” Emma stood and picked up her case and said, “Thank you.” I asked Emma, “Do you have a car or shall I order the limo?” She said, “Limo would be nice, never travelled in one before.” We walked out to the front desk and I saw the concierge there, I walked up to him and said, “Please bring the limo out front.” The concierge asked, “Would you like a driver Sir?” I looked towards Emma and she said, “If you don’t mind I’d like to drive.” I thought it strange that if she had not been in a limo before, then she may want to take the back seat. But if she wanted to and she obviously must have known the way, I said, “Okay, you drive.” I looked back towards the concierge and said, “Just the limo, thank you.” As we walked towards the front doors, the waiter came up behind me and said, “Mr Woods, shall I have your letters taken to your room?” I had forgotten about them, I said, “Yes please, thank you.” Emma led the way out and we waited two minutes while the limo came round. I asked Emma, “How far is this place?” Emma wore a black pencil skirt, knee length, a yellow blouse and a black matching jacket. When Emma had gotten into the limo her skirt had ridden up and showed quite a bit of thigh. Intentional or not her legs looked really nice even though she was a bit on the large side; she had ample thigh flesh to show off. Nice eye candy for the journey ahead. Emma looked up and noticed me looking at her legs, she shifted them a bit and it made her skirt ride up further, she said, “Not far, twenty minute drive.” We set off and she went through the basic property outline, number of bed rooms, bathrooms en-suits, kitchen contents, lounge area, dining area. And also the sort of furniture the place would have. She commented, “Nice car drives well. I’ll have to get one of my own.” The drive took us out of the city and we travelled through some narrow country lanes for some time. Then it all opened up with green fields as far as the eye could see. I noticed a sign for a golf course and I said to Emma, “I like to play golf, how about you?” She said, “Oh I certainly love playing, I always keep a couple of clubs in the car.” The day itself turned out bright and warm, the sunlight seemed to make everything sparkle, the sky looked bluer than blue, the greens of the fields seemed greener and more lush. Because I was not expecting to do anything that day I had not put my usual suit on, I was dressed casually in jeans and a polo necked jumper. Emma turned a corner and drove down a long gravelled driveway, I big house stood at the end. Looked impressive, bright red brick work, white windows, a very large double door entrance, looked perfect right there. There was a small red coloured sports convertible parked outside, I turned and said to Emma, “I thought you said the place was empty!” She looked at me and said, “Its empty, no one here.” We got out and as I looked back to the drive, the lawns either side looked newly mowed the smell of freshly cut grass in the air. Bright coloured flowers in the flower beds and also lined the driveway. Emma grabbed her case and we walked to the front door. Emma had the keys and she let us in. We entered into a big hallway, very impressive, looked very grand but modern. The place looked expensive; everything I looked at was pristine. The wooden parquet floor was almost like glass. All the doors were of solid Oak, the stairs were of glass and seemed to be floating in the air, with gold coloured hand rails either side. I turned to Emma, I whistled and said, “Very nice, just my type of place, must be quite expensive.” She closed the door and said, “I’ve looked at your portfolio and am sure you are an ideal candidate for this type of property.” She walked ahead and said, “Where would you like to start? What would you like to see first?” I still looked around and tried to take it all in and said, “I don’t mind, lead the way.” She said, “Fine, let’s start with the lounge.” As we passed the stairs she put her brief case down on the bottom step and then led the way. Emma showed me all round the bottom floor. Everything was plush, all the rooms, the kitchen, the dining room, the breakfast room, the very large conservatory. All very impressive, but the best room was the games room, a full size snooker table right in the middle, amazing, I loved that place. The other feature was the security, there was a monitor in every room to see who was at the front door and there were other cameras as well which pointed and overlooked the outer grounds of the building. We ended back in the main hall at the foot of the stairs. She said, “Shall we go up?” I still looked around and said, “Sure, please lets.” Emma picked up her case and walked up, I followed. Although she was a bit chubby, she did have nice legs. Her arse wiggled amazingly as she walked ahead of me. She put her case down in front of one door and said, “We’ll come back to this one last, it’s the master bedroom.” She took me through the other five bedrooms and a study room. Two large family sized bathrooms. We came back to the only room she had not shown me, the master bedroom. Emma picked up her case and opened the door; she opened it with an outstretched arm which allowed me to enter first, she said, “After you Sir.” I walked though and said, “Please I’ve told you, call me Den.” She with a funny but serious look said, “Thank you, but this is purely professional.” The room was big, the biggest, sparsely furnished; a massive bed was a central feature in the room. It had a walk in wardrobe, an en-suite which looked to be just as large as the family bathrooms. And a large screen TV on a wall which faced the bed. While I looked around Emma had come in, placed her case at the end of the bed and followed me round and showed me everything. I looked out of the large window with Emma at my side. We overlooked the immaculate gardens, and the view beyond were of green rolling hills, not another house in site. I turned back around and we both faced the bed, a four poster, clean white silk sheets, a white cotton canopy and white laced frilled material decorated the four posts. I asked Emma, “So we need to talk business.” She said, “We can talk now if you wish or later.” That go me confused and I asked, “Later?” She turned sideways towards me and said, “The place is empty, no one’s here.” I still did not quite understand where she was leading, I said, “I have realised that, so what are you saying?” She placed a finger on my chest, she slowly moved it down and said, “We could have a bit of fun while we are here… all alone… no one around… no one to see.” I turned and faced her and asked, “See… see what?” She giggled and ran her finger back up and said, “No one to see us.” It got interesting, I was sure she proposed we do something intimate. But the only thing that stopped me from ripping her clothes off was her size; she was not the type I go for. She was just on the other side of being the perfect figure, she was slightly overweight, but a very nice plump shape. I turned back and said, “Let’s be professional, have you got the paperwork?” She moved around to in front of me and said, “The paperwork can wait, my pussy can’t!” I said, “You’re very nice don’t get me wrong, but you’re not my type, sorry!” She kissed me softly on the lips and said, “Whether I’m you’re type or not, this is not going to be a long term relationship. In fact this relationship really won’t last longer than a couple of hours.” She dropped down to her knees; she raised my jumper and unzipped me. I asked, “Are you sure that this is appropriate?” She looked up and asked, “Are you buying this place?” I said, “Possibly, it is what I’m looking for, just need to negotiate a price.” She undid my belt and started to lower my jeans. She took hold of the waist band of my underpants and lowered them as well. My cock was semi hard. I was not sure if that should have been going on. I asked, “I hope this is not a sweetener for me to buy this place.” She took hold of my cock and started to stroke it. I was getting hard, she licked the tip and said, “Nice cock Mr Woods, would you like it blown?” I looked down and she took me into her mouth, she stroked me at the base and sucked on my cut cock-head. While she did that, I slipped my shoes off and kicked away my pants. She looked up and with her other hand tugged on my jumper. I took that off as well. I had my back to the window, my hands rested on the sill and my cock was being sucked off by that fully clothed plump female. She sucked me off for a few minutes and then stood up. She still had hold of my cock and stroked it and gave me a kiss, soft and sensual on the lips. She pulled me over to the bed and turned me around. She pushed me so that I sat on the bed and started to remove her clothes. She did that with no rush in mind; she took off each item slowly with a purpose and placed them onto a chair in the corner of the room. She walked back and I could see all of her fleshy parts, her boobs sank down, her slight pot belly wobbled, her pussy was clean. And she had tattoos all over her body, colourful patterns, on her arms, pussy, boobs, on her back and on her arse. She came over and knelt between my legs and took hold of my thick nine incher and started to slobber all over it. She had one hand on my thigh, while the other one stroked me. Her eyes looked up towards me. I propped myself up with my arms behind my back on the bed. She often took me out, spat and licked my full length. She sucked hard and then slowly, she stroked with a tight grip and then loose. She played with it incredibly well. After ten minutes, she stood and said, “Lay on the bed would you.” I did, I scooted up and lay flat on my back. She was still stood beside the bed and asked, “How about a little bit of extra fun?” I did not know what she had in mind; I had never done anything other than straight sex. I asked, “What do you have in mind?” She walked over to her case and brought it over to the bed and opened it. I could not see what was in there. She put in her hand and brought out what looked like rope, red in colour. I said, “I’m not into that kind of thing. Let’s just enjoy ourselves the traditional way.” She waved the rope said, “A minute ago you said you weren’t into fatties like me but here you are, naked and ready to fuck.” She was not that fat, as I have said a little plump but not fat. I said to her, “I never called you fat at all!” She smiled at me and said, “Ah, sometimes words don’t need to be said to express one’s feelings towards another.” She walked to my left hand, took hold and raised it above my head towards a post and said, “You see new things always scare people. Afraid of the unknown, it’s a common syndrome in humans.” She tied my hand from the wrist to the post as she said that. She went back to her case and took out another rope and walked to my
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left foot. Whilst she tied that she said, “New things are strange and something unseen to most.” Again she had tied my foot from the ankle to the post. She grabbed two pieces of rope and walked to my right foot. She threw one over to my right arm and began to tie my right foot. She looked over to my cock and said, “I see you are exited. If you weren’t then that thing you’ve got there would have wilted away by now.” She walked up to my right arm and without thinking I just stretched it out to the post. She said, “Mr Woods, there you see, you are getting into the swing of it.” She tied it and walked back to the case. I pulled on the ropes and there was no way I was getting out from any of them, they were done up well, they did not feel tight on my wrist’s or ankle’s. She must have done that before. I felt nervous, I literally shook. She walked so calmly back to the case and got out something that looked like a red ball, golf ball size with a black strap through it. She walked up to my head and held it up in front of my face and asked, “Do you know what this is?” I did not say anything; there was a desperate look of fear in my eyes, I shook my head from left to right. She said, “Well if you don’t say anything now, then you certainly won’t be able to once I’ve applied this.” She said, “Open wide.” And stuffed the ball into my mouth, she tied it up behind my head. I was in real shock; I did not know what else she may have had in her case. But amazingly; my cock remained hard not just that but I felt it was getting harder and harder, I almost felt the blood rush into it and not out. She took the case off the bed, closed it and placed it back at the end of the bed. She came back and got onto the bed. She sat knelt between my legs. She placed a hand on both of my thighs and said, “Now there don’t be afraid, why so worried. You’ll love the way you feel in a little while.” She ran her hands slowly along my thighs up to my groin and then took hold of my cock with both hands. She said, “Mr Woods, you really do have a nice piece of wood here. A branch, something to grab with both hands and… well… let’s see. What can one do with a wooden cock?” She grabbed it tight and waved it from left to right and back again and said, “You do amaze me Mr Woods, this branch seems to be getting harder, almost turning to steel.” I could not get any words out, I just muttered loudly and frantically waved my head around, my legs and thighs shook, my arms locked in position. She smiled and said, “Are you petrified, Mr Woods? Are you concerned about what I may do?” She dribbled some spit on my cock and started to stroke it; she put the head in to her mouth and sucked hard on it. Fuck that hurt. She lifted her head up and said, “Not being in control like you usually are; not the best feeling is it!” She did things so calmly, there was no anger to what she did and the way she was doing it. She sucked and stroked me off with great care. For minutes she kept me on the verge. Fuck she did a great job. She took me all in, her hands rested on my thighs and her face right up against my groin. I felt the back of her throat with my cock-head; it was getting hot and I was about to explode. She took me out and said, “I love the feeling of a cock deep in my throat. I love the feeling of cum slipping down my throat. But alas, I’m afraid that won’t be happening today. Well, not with this cock.” I wondered what she meant, I was confused, if she did not want me to cum why all this, I did not understand. She then stood over me; she placed her hands on top of her tits and then slowly ran them down across her tits, along the sides of her hips and down her outer thighs. She brought her hands back up to her pussy by route of the inner thighs. She took hold of her pussy lips and parted them. While she did that she said, “Have you seen such nice love handles before Mr Woods? I bet you wish these were your hands running across my plump body?” Her tattoos were very striking, very colourful and very detailed. My cock was still hard, but the urge to cum had subsided. She winked and said, “Round two.” She dropped herself very quickly; she landed heavily on my thighs with her pussy just on my balls. She looked up to me and said, “O did I hurt you? So sorry, let’s see what I can do for you.” She grabbed my cock and spat on it and stroked it a couple of times. She rose up and shuffled forwards. She lined up my cock to her pussy and sat on it abruptly. Fuck that was a dry sort of entrance, but it felt good once she moved up and down on it two, three times. She placed her hands back on her tits and pinched her nipples. She started to ride me slowly to start with and then built up to a nice medium tempo. All the time she rode me she moved her hands around her body. She squeezed her nipples; she grabbed the flesh on her hips. She ran her hands across her stomach and up and down each of her arms like she was cuddling herself. She smiled at me and said, “I understand your hands are tied up for the moment, so I will feel my body for you and you can imagine you are doing these things to me.” Her smile broadened and said, “You do wish you were doing this to me don’t you?” I was calmer, my legs and arms did not wave around in a frantic mode. My head was much steadier, and I nodded to her. I did wish my hands were all over her body, however plump her body was; I somehow had come to admire her form. Her pussy felt incredible, the way she moved on my cock was amazing it felt so…so nice. She sped up for a minute and then ground to a stop on my cock. Her hips shook on my groin as her thighs quivered. She said, “Oh yes, there we go, so nice, so nice.” I felt a wet sensation on my cock and something ran across and down my balls. After her orgasm subsided, she opened her eyes and looked at me and said, “Thank you Mr Woods, I’m definitely going to cum again.” She sped up again and I felt my orgasm coming on, I closed my eyes and thought, yes that’s it I’m cumming. But she got off, again left me on the absolute verge of exploding. I opened my eyes in shock and tried to utter some words, which never came out. Shit she was a bitch. What was she doing? That was the second time she let me reach to within seconds of cumming. She was sat back on my thighs and said, “Mr Woods, are you okay?” She cupped and squeezed her tits together and said, “Were you going to cum?” I nodded frantically; she rubbed her palms together and said, “Oh so sorry, let me try again.” She stood back up and turned around. She backed herself up so her pussy was over my head. She came down and rubbed her pussy on my face while she took hold of my cock and gobbled on it. She sucked softly and stroked gently, she lifted her head and said, “I can still feel you throbbing, you really do want to let go. I’ll get you there again.” She ground her pussy hard onto the ball I had in my mouth. I found it difficult to breath and moved my face to one side. She grabbed hold of the whole of my cock with one hand above the other, squeezed it and said, “Keep it straight, Mr Woods!” I moved back into position for her. She ground away and again blew me off. That continued for at least another six minutes and I was there again. I thought I was going to cum but she took me out and ground her pussy harder. She drove her hips hard onto my face and jolted four or five times and I felt some wetness around my face and chin. She slapped her face with my cock and said, “Beautiful Mr Woods, absolutely beautiful.” Again I was left on the verge. She tormented me, she was torturing me! And I did not know why. She laid there and ever so slowly rubbed her pussy onto the ball. She had hold of my cock to the side of her face, while she sucked on my balls gently. It seemed like ages before she got up and stood to face over me again and said, “I’m loving this Mr Woods, I hope you are too?” She held a finger to her lips and said, “I wonder if I can try something with that thing of yours. I think it’s long enough, I just hope it’s flexible enough!” She came down and took my cock into her pussy, in her riding position. But then she took one leg out of her knelt position and straightened it towards my arm, she did the same with the other leg. She then smiled at me and with her arms behind her she slowly lowered herself backwards. My cock pointed straight down with her pussy attached to it. She said, “This feels nice, better than I thought it would. How’s it for you, Mr Woods?” I grunted and made noises. It did feel okay; I had never had my cock in a pussy like that before. She started to play with her clit; she rubbed it and slowly moved her hips up and down. My cock moved about an inch in and out of her. She rubbed away and said, “I hope you don’t cum now cause I can’t take you out.” I was hoping the opposite and wished I did cum, I wanted to cum so desperately. She kept rubbing herself and made her cries of pleasure, then a few minutes later she cried out, “Oh yes, fuck yeah, ahh.” She stopped rubbing herself and lay there and panted away. I looked down and saw her chest as it heaved up and down, her head to the side and her hands across my tied legs. I tried to move my cock in her, I wanted to cum, she stroked the side of my leg and said, “I know what you’re trying to do. You won’t be able to. I’ll help you in a minute, just wait.” I couldn’t wait I needed to cum I was so frustrated. What was she doing, fuck! I still tried to fuck her; it was difficult to move more than a couple of inches. But she pushed herself away and slipped off, my cock came up and slapped against my stomach. She got up and sat with her legs crossed between my legs. She took hold of my cock with one hand and held it upright and ran a finger up and down the side of it with the other hand, she said, “I’m amazed that it’s still as hard now as it was…what…an hour ago, at least.” She rubbed my thigh and said, “What shall we do now?” She looked up to me and said, “Would you like me to untie you?” I nodded frantically and grunted. She let my cock go and rubbed both my thighs and said, “What would you like me to untie, a hand, a leg?” I shook all my limbs, I looked at both my arms and legs and I tried to grunt loudly. I wanted to be totally untied. She slithered up my body and kissed me all over my face and neck. She grabbed my face and said, “You want me to untie all of you. You want to be set free!” I nodded not frantically, but just two or three times. She got up and sat on my chest and said, “I would like to untie you also. I really would like to feel those hands all over my body. Would you like to feel my body?” I nodded again two or three times. She gently slapped my chest and said, “Let me have one more pleasurable moment and I’ll then think about it, okay?” I closed my eyes and threw my head back and thought that she’s just teasing me; she was not going to untie me at all. Bitch! She turned around on my chest and shuffled forwards towards my cock. She rose up and took my cock into her. She was so wet and I was so fucking hard, my cock slipped in smoothly. She placed her hands on my thighs and started to fuck me. She started quite quickly and maintained a steady pace. I could not help but fuck her back, it felt great. I was amazed with how my cock felt in her pussy, it truly did feel amazing. We fucked and fucked. She cried out and grabbed my thighs hard. She looked amazing with all those tattoo’s she had on her back. Her arse lifted off and exposed four inches of my cock before we came together again. She felt amazingly nice and tight on my cock, the whole length seemed like it had a piece of cunt wrapped around it. She looked around and said, “God you feel so nice.” I felt my orgasm coming; I did not want her to know and tried to remain at a consistent pace with her. She pushed herself down onto my cock hard and said, “Oh god yes, yes, yesss.” She ground her pussy hard on my groin; I could see her back as it moved with small tremors. I felt her pussy had leaked her juices as it ran across my balls again. She without turning asked, “Are you there, Mr Woods?” I could only grunt and nod, she did not look at me. I was there just another three or four more thrusts into her. And then the greatest disappointment and anti-climax for me as she got up and off my cock, left me in limbo. Fucking Bitch! She got up off the bed and stood beside me and said, “Well that was nice… for me. You do give nice orgasms. How was it all for you, Mr Woods?” I shook my head calmly as I knew there was no point in being frustrated and angry at her. She had no intention of relieving me. I had never before that morning seen her; I had no idea what she wanted from me and no idea why she was doing that to me, teasing me, frustrating me not wanting me to cum. She went off to the bathroom for a few minutes while she left me to quietly boil in my thoughts. I wondered if she was going to come back and give me what I wanted, give me what I needed, give me what my cock yearned for. She came back and went to her clothes and started to put them on. I knew then that she had no intention on satisfying me. While she put her clothes on she said, “I suppose you’re wondering what all this was?” I nodded and she continued, “Well, it’s only fair I tell you why I did this.” She had finished putting her clothes on and walked over to the big TV on the wall opposite. She turned it on and flicked through some of the security channels, which overlooked the outer grounds. She stopped on one channel which looked out from the front of the house. It had the limo and the other sports car in view. She walked calmly over to me and said, “This is just business Mr Woods, some unfinished business on behalf of Jolene. You do remember Jolene, don’t you Mr Woods? The woman you cheated on, my sister!” I had absolutely no idea till that second; I closed my eyes and felt so small. My cock drained of all blood, limp across my thigh. She gently stroked the side of my face and said, “I hope this has made you think about cheating on another woman again. I have to admit, I did adore your cock; it shows great promise. If only things were different; I would have loved to have seen you cum and sample the taste.” She patted me on the chest and walked over to the end where she picked up her case and walked towards the door. She turned around and blew me a kiss off her hand and said, “If you haven’t gathered, I’m not from any agency, you probably won’t see me again.” She scratched her head and said, “This place isn’t for sale, sorry. The owners are back this evening, I’ll leave you to explain.” She walked out and I went mad and tried to fight against my restraints but it was futile. Then ten seconds later she popped her head round the door and said, “Oh by the way, watch the TV that’s the real payback!” She smiled, a wicked smile and said, “And if you were wondering, the videos are set to view only, not record for today.” She left; I watched the TV and seconds later I saw here walk out towards the sports car. She opened the boot and put her case in. She took out what looked like a golf club and walked over to the limo. She waved to me on the screen and then began to smash up the windscreens and body work of the limo. When she was done, she blew me another kiss and got into her car, she drove off.

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